Someone to Love

Do you have a friend,
who is always there?
To pick you up,
and show their care?

Each and every day,
throughout the coming year.
To never leave or forsake,
but hold you ever near.

Sticking closer than a brother,
to hold your hand in all you do.
To pick you up when feeling down,
to hold your heart when you feel blue.

To keep your mind in times,
when it seems ready to burst.
To give you living water,
in the times of your thirst.

I only know one,
who could fulfill this task.
And it doesn’t take much,
all you need to do is ask.

He knows all about you,
from beginning to end.
He is your Creator,
even your best friend.

Call His name and He will answer,
He’ll make crooked places straight.
He’ll change your life,
and make it great.

Just call His name, it’s Jesus,
and He wants to be your friend.
He’ll guide you along life’s path,
holding you from beginning to end.


You And Me

Love is a very special gift,
it has a quality of its own.
It gives that inner peace and sweetness,
that makes a heart a home.

Through knowledge and eyes of others,
who may paint a pretty portrait.
But the quality of the personal touch,
still manages to escape.

Through the gift of love and grace of God,
we call our mate our friend.
To share, to care, and to pray it through,
from the beginning to the end.

Many years,
may seem like forever.
In God’s eyes,
each year’s a treasure.

Somewhere during,
that span of time,
we’ve come to know,
our Saviour Devine.

And by the power,
of the Holy Ghost,
we raise our voices,
with the Heavenly Host.

And thank the Lord,
for the Word’s begun,
as He blends our two hearts,
to work as one.

Just a thoughtful,
little way,
to help you,
brighten your day.

And put a smile,
on your face,
in spite of,
this place.

A sweet-smelling,
little bouquet,
to brighten a dismal,
rainy day.

And tell you how precious,
you’ll always be.
By the burning you’ve kindled,
deep inside of me.

I love you more today,
than any day before.
And may we grow closer each day,
more and more.

And I’ll see what life can be,
together, united,
as one,
you and me.

The Spirit Living In Me

Inspired by the MercyMe song, “Greater.

The same Spirit that lives in Jesus,
is the Spirit living in me.
There is nothing I can’t do,
and nothing I can’t be.

I can do all things,
through Christ, Who strengthens me.
He has paid all of my debt,
and forever set me free.

I am the head,
and not the tail.
Jesus says, “Abide in Me,
and you will never fail.”

He is solid Rock,
on which I stand.
All other ground,
is sinking sand.

He is my Savior,
He’s ever so near.
He erases doubt,
and casts out fear.

He makes the darkness,
ever so bright.
And through Him,
I share the Light.

He makes me succeed,
and fills my destiny.
Because praise and worship,
are the heavenly key.

He forgives me daily,
and removes my sin.
And because of Jesus,
I am guaranteed to win.

So surrender your life,
and live in His love.
And one day, go Home,
to heaven above.

Life Can Be

We can’t always live,
each and every dream.
Life can’t always be,
simple and peachy keen.

Some of life’s situations,
can seem very mean.
And at the final outcome,
you just want to scream!

When the plans boil over,
you need to let off steam.
Then you recompose yourself,
and start off new and clean.

But I have a simple way,
you might be looking for.
All it takes to have it,
is open your heart’s door.

It’s really very simple,
it boils down to a choice.
Let your heart speak,
open your mouth and use your voice.

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
and accept His grace for all your sin.
Your life will never be the same,
your frown is now a grin.

I will not say that all is perfect,
but it will be better than it’s been.
With Jesus living in your life,
defeat will now be a win.

So turn your life to Jesus Christ,
accept His love and favor.
And with Him always by your side,
joy and peace you’ll always savor.

Should Cupid Quit?

After Cupid had a hard year,
he finally decided to pack his gear.
He sold his bows and arrows,
he would not work any more tomorrows.

He lived his life according to plan,
after all, he was his biggest fan.
He was always proud when it turned out right,
and people had futures ever so bright.

But with his symptoms of being old,
and February being a month so cold.
His retirement would be a welcome change,
and maybe a home in the open range.

And the choices are many for him to decide,
yet wherever he goes, he’ll not be able to hide.
He was a celebrity- of this no doubt,
and he was someone who had some clout.

“Maybe I’ll open a business or so,
it will help to give me somewhere to go.
I have experience in the field of dating,
and with that background, there will be no waiting!”

“I might work for my good friend Thor,
or maybe be romantic and open a jewelry store!
Or maybe just rest and take it slow,
but that may be boring- I just don’t know!”

“Decisions, decisions, I can’t make up my mind,
nothing seems right for whatever I find.
Maybe I’m hasty and I’m acting too quick,
all these choices- what should I pick?”

“Maybe I’ll go see the doctor today,
listen and see what he has to say.
Maybe there is medicine to put me on track,
and I might even get my old job back.”

“I brought joy and happiness to many hearts,
perfect aim with my love darts.
If I give up, what will they do,
it will be sad without an ‘I love you!'”

“The doctor was able to give me a lift,
ripped up the bill and said, ‘It’s my gift!’
Not many people work just one day a year,
and bring to people so much cheer.”

The Eyes

The eyes that see us as we are,
are eyes that see us from above.
Those eyes that look upon us,
are radiant with unlimited love.

The eyes are the windows to the soul,
which is the core of our very being.
The eyes that speak without a word,
and convey what people are seeing.

The eyes say more about us,
than our minds can comprehend.
They speak the feelings deep within,
that you don’t even tell a friend.

The eyes can’t hide,
what you feel in your heart.
It is quickly reflected,
in the eyes, part by part.

The eyes always produce the light,
that illuminates our body and soul.
And when that light is Jesus Christ,
the light shines bright and bold.

Jesus works from the inside out,
when He changes the heart of man.
He makes a man a brand new creature,
as only our Lord and Savior can.

Then our eyes show forth the love,
that Jesus has placed inside.
The love we use to be more like Him,
the One in Whom we abide.

Darkness diminished,
glorious light.
Eternal Son-shine,
no more Night.

True Love

Oh how I believe in you,
and care and pray for you daily.
Asking the Lord in all that you do,
for wisdom, direction, and ability.

In His sight you are so precious,
His embrace is always there.
In any situation, however serious,
remembering you’re in His care.

Love that travels mile after mile,
may start as a frown but end as a smile.
Why this is so I am not sure,
but I know this is love true & pure.

And this is the love I send your way,
to brighten your world day by day.
So when you’re down and need some cheer,
remember and read what is written here.

I may not always tell you I care,
or thank you for the life we share.
I’m always short on words to say,
but I love you more, day by day.

I may not take you where you like to go,
especially the concert where I had to say no.
I miss you so when I’m away,
but I love you more, day by day.

You travel with me in my heart,
every day while we’re apart.
In all I do and in every way,
I love you more, day by day.

The family we have is because of you,
all you give and all you do.
I thank you greatly, if I may,
I love you more day by day.

Weekends work will be a tedious one,
and I’m sure we won’t have very much fun.
But we’ll go to dinner, if you pay,
I love you more, day by day.