A Happy Anniversary

Oh how I wish life was different
And filled with love and peace
Be the person Gods called me to be
And cause selfish desires to cease.

I need to surrender everything
And lay it all down
Remember that God is king
It is He who wears the crown.

The love that Christ has for the church
I wish that love was in me
Then I would truly realize
That God has set me free.

I know I’ve failed many times
And frustrated you to no end
That’s not how I want to be
I want you to be my friend.

The road is long strait and narrow
And we are stronger side by side
And if I put my faith in Him
He’ll change my heart of pride.

I need to apologize
For I have a bitter heart
But as you can forgive me
I’d like to make a fresh start.

Start something that will last
Something tried, trusted and true
Forget about our trouble and disappointment
And make it better for me and you.

This is not a poem of celebration
But it truly needs to be
With all the trouble we’ve gone through
It’s a miracle there is still a you and me.

You know I’m a slow learner
And it’s been forty-seven years
But God hasn’t given up
He’s still working on my doubts and fears.

So, I wish you Happy Anniversary
I hope it touches your heart
And from this point forward
With God’s help I will live up to my part.


Happy 47th!

To my wife, on our 47th wedding anniversary.

The Lord was gracious,
right from the start.
When He made you, the woman,
to fill my heart.

He knew I couldn’t be,
out on my own.
But needed a godly woman,
to fill my earthly home.

I needed a help-mate,
to share the burden of life.
Encouragement and godly wisdom,
stored up within my wife.

Through the good times and the bad,
I haven’t always been there.
But it always was so difficult,
when it came time to share.

But through it all, I’ll have you know,
I wouldn’t change a thing.
If I was asked to do it all over,
I’d still offer you my ring.

So take heart, my dear, and cherish this thought,
I’m not all that I need to be.
But always remember, I’ll never give up,
because God’s still working on me.

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Sixteen seems like a small number,
but what does it stand for?
It means the years of sharing life,
and a future of so much more.

As two people grow in the Lord,
and share their life together.
They grow and face every day,
no matter the storm or weather.

God blesses the family unit,
He designed it that way to be.
Structured by Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
God’s family, Blessed Trinity.

Father and Mother,
united for life.
God’s loving children,
as husband and wife.

Teaching their children,
to grow and see.
The blessings in store,
God wants them to be.

So with God’s love,
as our anchor and guide.
We surrender our life,
and let God decide.

May God bless you both,
in wisdom and truth.
And be examples as parents,
as God’s living proof!

Happy 50th, Ed & Vivian

Ed & Vivian, what can I say?
But thank you for allowing us to share this day.
And I pray that these words will touch your heart,
and that I’ve fulfilled His desire and done my part.

I’ve been asked to write words of pure delight,
words to express our feeling this night.
Words to express 50 years and to show,
why they sit there amid a peaceful glow.

In a world that’s full of turmoil & strife,
it’s a blessing to see two hearts full of life.
Lives that have learned to love and to share,
to live for Jesus and trust in His care.

Love based on Jesus residing in your hearts,
not based on feelings, a whim, or a lark.
It’s the love of Jesus that brought this 50th year,
the love of Jesus that deserves applause and cheer.

50 years of memories are very deep in your heart,
I’m thankful the Lord is still doing His part.
The treasures of this life are wondrous to behold,
they are more precious than rubies, finer than gold.

Only you can capture memories so true,
the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.
You can look around and you’ll see,
in everything each other, you and me.

Knowing you both for just a short time,
has been a blessing, purely divine.
A devoted husband, a loving wife,
a shining example of marriage and life.

May God Bless.

Originally written for Ed & Vivian Y****** 50th Anniversary in 1986.

Alive at 45

This poem is dedicated to my wife, in honor of our 45th anniversary.

Most couples never get,
to celebrate their 45th.
Even fewer yet have a chance,
to celebrate their 50th.

It takes work and faith in God,
it’s a milestone not many achieve.
But with God, all is possible,
if you have faith to believe.

It’s not an easy voyage,
there are many ups and downs.
The up times bring a smile,
and the down times bring frowns.

Even from the very start,
life becomes a season of change.
We no longer live for self,
but we need to rearrange.

We now live for each other,
as two try to become one.
A mix of many ingredients,
sprinkled with lots of fun.

Sometimes the mix is lacking,
it just doesn’t turn out right.
That’s when things go bad,
and causes us to fight.

I need to always remember,
that it’s not always about me.
I no longer live for self,
but live to make us happy.

The main ingredient is God,
and lot of times, I leave Him out.
It makes me really wonder,
all the times I had doubt.

But when I leave it in His Hands,
all things work out right.
The darkness fades away,
the future looks very bright.

538 months,
seems like forever.
It’s only been a long, long time,
to start to get it together.

I’m so happy, with God’s help,
I’m starting to get it right.
Drawn to safety from the stormy sea,
by the peace and calm of God’s light.

There’s so much more I’d like to write,
but the words elude me now.
I’m just so happy and so glad,
I kept my hands on the plow.

It won’t be another 45,
because it’s not the times of life.
But through it all, and all, and all,
I’m so glad you’re still my wife.

So happy anniversary to you my dear,
is what I’m trying to say.
I love you and thank God,
we’ve reached this special day.