Happy 47th!

To my wife, on our 47th wedding anniversary.

The Lord was gracious,
right from the start.
When He made you, the woman,
to fill my heart.

He knew I couldn’t be,
out on my own.
But needed a godly woman,
to fill my earthly home.

I needed a help-mate,
to share the burden of life.
Encouragement and godly wisdom,
stored up within my wife.

Through the good times and the bad,
I haven’t always been there.
But it always was so difficult,
when it came time to share.

But through it all, I’ll have you know,
I wouldn’t change a thing.
If I was asked to do it all over,
I’d still offer you my ring.

So take heart, my dear, and cherish this thought,
I’m not all that I need to be.
But always remember, I’ll never give up,
because God’s still working on me.


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