Manages life from the moment of birth,
preparing the child for a life of self-worth.
She has a bond that took nine months to grow,
and every need in life, she will know.

Opens the world to this new child of life,
with godly examples of husband and wife.
This union is made in God’s own design,
with love and care that will never resign.

Trust is a trait that’s high on the chart,
it’s your character speaking from your heart.
It’s learned and grows, speaking about you,
it’s your word and truth in all that you do.

Heart is the center of your very being,
it’s what you speak and what people are seeing.
Your heart is always bound in what you treasure,
and your mom’s devotion is surely a pleasure.

Explains the challenges and issues you’ll face,
teaches you God’s love and amazing grace.
Explains about God and teaches you prayer,
shows you that God is faithful and always there.

Respect is a quality you need to sow,
your honor and word help it to grow.
When your word comes forth, straight and true,
respect will follow in all that you do.


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