This poem is dedicated to my hard-working wife.

The day has come,
and you need to rest.
You can’t go on,
and be your best.

The days are short,
and the hours long.
And with that the case,
you can’t be strong.

So this weekend,
without question or doubt.
You’ll be able to relax,
that’s all you’ll be about.

I will care for everything,
including my best friend.*
If it’s the last thing I do,
and it may be the end.

I want you to be off,
rest a recoup.
Taking care of the kids and house,
has thrown you for a loop.

So sleep late in the morning
and I’ll do my best.
I’m sure I am capable,
to pass the test.

You need to rest,
with all that is coming up.
So sit back and relax,
with your coffee cup.

I’m able to do,
whatever needs to be done.
Just watch me,
it will be fun.

I’m your butler, chauffeur, and maid,
for whatever you need to do.
I’m at your beck and call,
just tell me, I’m here for you.

I love you!

Come In, BB-8

This poem was written by my grandson, to whom I gifted a Sphero BB-8. To show his gratitude, he renewed my website for another year.

Come in BB-8,
you rowdy droid.
Your ball-like self,
makes me overjoyed.

Where did you come from,
‘cause it ain’t Jakku.
Was it someone else,
who gifted you?

Somebody else used Amazon,
and purchased you on the web.
Your adventures take you places,
And your emotions flow and ebb.

Sometimes your head gets knocked off,
But I think that’s okay.
‘cause you’re pretty resilient,
Each and every day.

But even through that orange shell,
I can see right through.
It wasn’t the fact that you were cool,
That someone gifted you.

That someone had a lot of thanks,
And didn’t know how to show it.
But he was a good guy,
A grandpa and a poet.

He went online and shopped around,
Probably as best he could.
He asked the ones who knew the best,
And they answered, as he knew they would.

That’s how You, bb-8, came to be,
Rolling around, to and fro.
And something else tags along,
Wherever you may go.

The fact that someone did something,
‘cause another helped him out.
I think it’s time to return the favor,
And present this gift with a shout.

BB-8 will give it to you,
As he rolls across the floor.
Beep-beep, boop-boop, beep,
Your blog’s renewed another year more.

A Woman Is God’s Gift

The beauty of a rose,
is something to behold.
It’s more radiant,
than refined gold.

For as a man travels,
through this part of life.
He needs his gift,
a godly wife.

She’s the compliment,
that makes a home.
For man wasn’t meant,
to be alone.

She is the hair,
that makes two a pair.
A partner for life,
to cherish and share.

She is your warrior,
as you face each day.
She is the faithful one,
who continues to pray.

Yet we need to join,
and pray together.
We may still face,
some stormy weather.

So find us, dear Lord,
in unity and prayer.
That we always remember,
we are in your care.

I don’t thank You enough,
for all that You do.
Lord, daily remind me,
to tell her, “I love you.”


Manages life from the moment of birth,
preparing the child for a life of self-worth.
She has a bond that took nine months to grow,
and every need in life, she will know.

Opens the world to this new child of life,
with godly examples of husband and wife.
This union is made in God’s own design,
with love and care that will never resign.

Trust is a trait that’s high on the chart,
it’s your character speaking from your heart.
It’s learned and grows, speaking about you,
it’s your word and truth in all that you do.

Heart is the center of your very being,
it’s what you speak and what people are seeing.
Your heart is always bound in what you treasure,
and your mom’s devotion is surely a pleasure.

Explains the challenges and issues you’ll face,
teaches you God’s love and amazing grace.
Explains about God and teaches you prayer,
shows you that God is faithful and always there.

Respect is a quality you need to sow,
your honor and word help it to grow.
When your word comes forth, straight and true,
respect will follow in all that you do.

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Sixteen seems like a small number,
but what does it stand for?
It means the years of sharing life,
and a future of so much more.

As two people grow in the Lord,
and share their life together.
They grow and face every day,
no matter the storm or weather.

God blesses the family unit,
He designed it that way to be.
Structured by Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
God’s family, Blessed Trinity.

Father and Mother,
united for life.
God’s loving children,
as husband and wife.

Teaching their children,
to grow and see.
The blessings in store,
God wants them to be.

So with God’s love,
as our anchor and guide.
We surrender our life,
and let God decide.

May God bless you both,
in wisdom and truth.
And be examples as parents,
as God’s living proof!

To My Grandchildren

To my grandchildren in honor of Grandparents Day, which is celebrated on September 13.

Grandchildren, may you always be,
blessed by the Father above.
Cradled in His Arms,
and sheltered in His Love.

Every child ever born,
is created in God’s design.
Only the Creator of everything,
can call each child, “Mine.”

He calls the little ones, “Precious,”
because He has a plan for them.
And He brings it all to pass,
time and time again.

When You know the beginning and the end,
all things are in Your control.
God is the very Anchor,
on which we need to hold.

He’s the only One that will never fail,
with Hands and Arms stretched wide.
He’ll never leave or forsake us,
He’s always with us, beside our side.

It matters not, young or old,
love and peace conquer fear.
So look to Jesus, for who He Is,
and always seek to keep Him near.

Life is Precious & God is Good

This poem is dedicated to my nephew, Jeffrey, who is currently in the hospital.

I have to relate,
a true experience.
How life is real,
in every sense.

We sometimes forget,
God is in control.
There isn’t anything,
He doesn’t hold.

My nephew was figuratively,
the walking dead.
That’s the statement,
the doctors all said.

His medical numbers,
were off the chart.
But through it all,
God held his heart.

They could not believe,
he was still alive.
But from Patchogue to Riverhead*,
he did drive.

He was doing things,
which couldn’t be done.
Making decisions,
amazing everyone.

But we know the reason,
and the doctors had a part.
But Gods loving Hands,
held on to his heart.

Little by little,
his life was changing.
And God was causing,
the rearranging.

Without GOD in the picture,
you’d be expecting the worst.
But GOD was moving Jeffrey,
from last to first.

*The Village of Patchogue & the Town of Riverhead are both located on Long Island, New York, about an hour east of New York City.