Come In, BB-8

This poem was written by my grandson, to whom I gifted a Sphero BB-8. To show his gratitude, he renewed my website for another year.

Come in BB-8,
you rowdy droid.
Your ball-like self,
makes me overjoyed.

Where did you come from,
‘cause it ain’t Jakku.
Was it someone else,
who gifted you?

Somebody else used Amazon,
and purchased you on the web.
Your adventures take you places,
And your emotions flow and ebb.

Sometimes your head gets knocked off,
But I think that’s okay.
‘cause you’re pretty resilient,
Each and every day.

But even through that orange shell,
I can see right through.
It wasn’t the fact that you were cool,
That someone gifted you.

That someone had a lot of thanks,
And didn’t know how to show it.
But he was a good guy,
A grandpa and a poet.

He went online and shopped around,
Probably as best he could.
He asked the ones who knew the best,
And they answered, as he knew they would.

That’s how You, bb-8, came to be,
Rolling around, to and fro.
And something else tags along,
Wherever you may go.

The fact that someone did something,
‘cause another helped him out.
I think it’s time to return the favor,
And present this gift with a shout.

BB-8 will give it to you,
As he rolls across the floor.
Beep-beep, boop-boop, beep,
Your blog’s renewed another year more.


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