A Happy Anniversary

Oh how I wish life was different
And filled with love and peace
Be the person Gods called me to be
And cause selfish desires to cease.

I need to surrender everything
And lay it all down
Remember that God is king
It is He who wears the crown.

The love that Christ has for the church
I wish that love was in me
Then I would truly realize
That God has set me free.

I know I’ve failed many times
And frustrated you to no end
That’s not how I want to be
I want you to be my friend.

The road is long strait and narrow
And we are stronger side by side
And if I put my faith in Him
He’ll change my heart of pride.

I need to apologize
For I have a bitter heart
But as you can forgive me
I’d like to make a fresh start.

Start something that will last
Something tried, trusted and true
Forget about our trouble and disappointment
And make it better for me and you.

This is not a poem of celebration
But it truly needs to be
With all the trouble we’ve gone through
It’s a miracle there is still a you and me.

You know I’m a slow learner
And it’s been forty-seven years
But God hasn’t given up
He’s still working on my doubts and fears.

So, I wish you Happy Anniversary
I hope it touches your heart
And from this point forward
With God’s help I will live up to my part.

New Year 2020

It is that time again
To start a brand-new year
The world wants to celebrate
But before the Lord I shed a tear.

With all that’s happened recently
You would expect no celebration
But people will still carry on
With their new year’s declaration.

When will come the time
When we confess, we’ve had enough
Fight the corruption of this country
Stand up for what’s right, get tough.

This could be a year of change
This country need not be so
We could embrace our beginnings
We could answer yes not no.

But when and if we see
The New Year 2020
Did the year bring something different
Or was it same old 2019, dullness a’plenty.

Th choice is ours to make
This country can be turned around
Get on our knees and pray
That’s where we need to be ground.

Then we would see some change
When God is restored to government
And this country remembers its roots
Established by our first President.

It’s not an easy task to do
But Christians need to join and pray
If they don’t it will never change
And the future will be a dreary day.

We need to return to prayer in school
And family time to have a meal
Make priorities for the time you use
Get to know each other for real.

We could change our old sinful ways
And return to the straight and narrow
When God truly blessed this nation
And subdued Satan’s fiery arrow.

The question needs an answer
You must choose one or another
The road is wide to destruction
The road to salvation is the only other.

God had given everyone a free will
The choice is ours and it seals our fate
Choose the right path of life
Before it becomes too late.

Grandpa’s 75th Birthday

Today’s the day you age yet again
You sometimes wonder; will it ever end?
But I have some news for you my friend
God will forever allow your age to extend

When sitting with friends and family
Your soul is filled to the brim with glee
Not because of how many people you see
But because of their love that makes you feel free

I know that all our lives are short
And enjoying oneself is a challenge of sorts
But the things we do will make you sore
Since I can kick your butt in mini golf, and then some more

What God has for you, we all are uncertain
For only He knows, and it’s for a good purpose
So there is no need to look up and be nervous
For when your time comes, you’ll be a star behind the curtain

So happy birthday to you with much love and concern
For your health and well-being and this life you deserve
We want more of you and we always will yearn
To see you again, when we all return.

Happy birthday Grandpa!

Love, Eric

Happy Birthday Deanna

Happy happy birthday,
I’m so proud of you.
Each and every year,
you outdo Gorilla Glue.

Through all life throws at you,
through the thick and thin.
You’ll hold your head up high,
and always sport a grin.

But you have an advantage,
that many know nothing about.
You have someone covering your back,
and nothing can stop His clout.

I write a poem for your birthday,
but you have a Writer at home.
And I hope He also writes,
you a birthday poem.

May you have everything,
a happy birthday should bring.
But I have to tell you,
I don’t have a diamond ring.

May you sleep late,
have breakfast in bed.
Have a bubble bath in the tub,
and a hairdresser for your head.

Enjoy your day,
and all you do.
Enjoy God’s blessing,
happy birthday, I love you.

Happy Birthday Ella!

This is a day to celebrate,
whose birthday can it be?
Could it be Ella getting bigger,
yes, she is one plus three!

Today is the day she’s four,
already I can’t wait for five.
Boy, time surely flies,
so young and so alive.

She has buses from Korea,
Chuggington and Thomas trains.
Special candy for treats,
this boggles my brains.

So easily she makes you laugh,
she’s such a delight.
She enters a room,
and makes it bright.

We’ll have a birthday cake,
to celebrate this great day.
Presents, balloons, and singing,
to the only one that doesn’t start with J.

Time to Honor

A time to honor,
Veterans tried and true.
For all who fought,
for the red, white, and blue.

A time to remember,
a time to care.
A time to thank God,
we came home from there.

War just goes on and on,
I wonder if it will ever cease.
And all our soldiers be safe and sound,
and the world would be at peace.

But peace can only come for man,
when we let God be in control.
And blend our heart and mind on him,
and His angels on patrol.

God, the only true and lasting One,
Who is never wrong in anything.
He is perfection, love and peace,
after all, He is God and King.

Remembering Billy Graham (1918-2018)

This poem is in memory of the Revered Billy Graham, who was called Home at the age of 99 on February 21.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” – John 14:6

There have been many preachers
who stand out in the crowd.
Who present the Salvation message,
delivered clear and loud.

But not all stay the course,
from beginning to end.
They don’t put in time and effort,
to become God’s friend.

He spent the time praying the Word,
and listening to hear God’s Voice.
This one invested in God’s calling,
he made a life-changing choice.

He evangelized throughout the world,
but could’ve ministered just at home.
Wherever God was leading, he went,
he never walked alone.

From peons to heads-of-state,
the message was always the same.
Accepting Christ into your life,
Jesus wiping out all blame.

The man had a mission,
and would not be deterred.
He loved his calling,
that’s all that mattered.

Now his body is at rest,
waiting for the trumpet sound.
When all the Earth will give up the dead,
as they rise up above the ground.

And all who knew Him,
will rejoice in what they’ve waited for.
They’ll join the Lord in the air,
their soul to live forevermore.