A Day Off

This day has come
And you need to rest
You can’t go on
And be your best.

The days are short
And the hours long
And with that the case
You can’t be strong.

So, this weekend
Without question or doubt
You’ll be able to relax
That’s all you’ll be about.

I will care for everything
Including your best friend
If it’s the last thing I do
And it may be the end.

I want you to be off
Rest and regroup
Taking care of kids and house
Has thrown you for a loop.

So, sleep late in the morning
And I’ll do my best
I’m sure I am capable
To pass the test.

You need to rest
With all that’s coming up
So, sit back and relax
With your coffee cup.

I’m able to do
Whatever needs to be done
Just watch me
It will be fun.

I’m your butler, chauffer and maid
For whatever you need to do
I’m on your beck and call
Just tell me I’m here for you.

I love you.


An Empty Bank

I deposit everything,
into my memory bank.
Along comes the thieves,
and take it all, to be quite frank.

Everything I deposit,
seems to count for loss.
I need better security,
but I can’t pay the cost.

Maybe you could help me,
try to work this out.
Because I’m losing more,
than I even know about.

My investments all go sour,
it’s a no-win situation.
Maybe it’s time for a change,
time to ask a different question.

I forget more than I remember,
I find it very easy to do.
But it’s not the way I want it to be,
I need to get hold of something new.

But what can I do to make it better?
I don’t believe it can be done.
Maybe a brain transplant might help,
but I can’t believe it would be fun.

A friend of mine says he has a way,
to fix the holes and plug the sieve.
It will give me a new start,
and teach me how to live.

He says if I come with him,
and listen to what his friend has to say.
Tomorrow will be very different,
it will start a brand-new day.

My mind can be put back together,
everything God intended it to be.
The chains that kept me bound,
will be broken and I’ll be set free.

I’m no longer making bad investments,
a relationship is all it took.
And every answer I’ll ever need,
is found within The Book.

The Spirit Living In Me

Inspired by the MercyMe song, “Greater.

The same Spirit that lives in Jesus,
is the Spirit living in me.
There is nothing I can’t do,
and nothing I can’t be.

I can do all things,
through Christ, Who strengthens me.
He has paid all of my debt,
and forever set me free.

I am the head,
and not the tail.
Jesus says, “Abide in Me,
and you will never fail.”

He is solid Rock,
on which I stand.
All other ground,
is sinking sand.

He is my Savior,
He’s ever so near.
He erases doubt,
and casts out fear.

He makes the darkness,
ever so bright.
And through Him,
I share the Light.

He makes me succeed,
and fills my destiny.
Because praise and worship,
are the heavenly key.

He forgives me daily,
and removes my sin.
And because of Jesus,
I am guaranteed to win.

So surrender your life,
and live in His love.
And one day, go Home,
to heaven above.

Why Man?

When God created man,
he was made in God’s Own Image.
He gave him all he’d need in life,
there in the garden, including a wife.

He gave him all knowledge,
and his freedom of choice.
He lacked little in power and wealth,
he even had reign over Satan himself.

Adam gave every animal its name,
plant and tree, and every fruit.
It’s hard to comprehend all Adam could do,
far more I’m sure, than both me and you.

He tended the garden in Paradise,
the place one day we’ll finally see.
God walked and talked with Adam daily,
as God and man were in unity.

But one day Adam negated his power,
and did not put Satan under his feet.
Thus, a breach was now caused by man,
but thank God He had a Sovereign Plan.

God did sacrifice His Own Son,
so man could receive his true destiny.
By Jesus’ blood and the cross,
the debt was paid that covered our loss.

The choice is ours to accept this gift,
and return to fellowship with God.
We have the choice- it’s our free will,
the doors have been opened and Jesus paid the bill.

So the question is asked of you,
the world or Jesus, the Son of God?
Who will you choose this day?
Choose Jesus, He’s the Truth, the Light, and the Way.

Unlock Your Hotel

Your heart is more than an organ,
it is a place of residence.
If you want it to be strong,
you must ask for repentance.

Your heart has many chambers,
like the rooms of a hotel.
Every room needs a cleaning,
and to replace the sin as well.

You don’t actually clean the rooms,
our job is to seek and ask.
The Holy Spirit is fully able,
to clean and complete the task.

When Jesus comes in to fill our heart,
every bit of sin must go.
Jesus Christ is a Holy God,
so you know it must be so.

So as He cleans, room by room,
we give up our sinful traits.
We cleanse our heart and mind,
and now look forward to heaven’s pearly gates.

As each room is being cleaned,
our nature still causes us to sin.
But on that day of final judgement,
you entered the race and ran to win.

Once the room is finally cleaned,
it is time for your decision.
You can change the name of the room,
and make it a Room of Vision.

Next, another room is cleaned,
opened and wiped of judgement.
A new name is again applied,
and is now the Room of Achievement.

Third room cleaned,
was truly a mess.
No longer so,
now the Room of Success.

With God doing the work in our hotel,
and living in residence.
We now change another room,
to the Room of Excellence.

The work is far from finished,
but it must be done room by room.
Continue to surrender your heart each day,
and let God control the broom.

Life is Tough!

Though so often life is too much to bear,
even by praying into thy care.
We expect relief the instant we ask,
no matter the problem or difficult the task.

I look at the sky, all cloudy and gray,
daily my problems just won’t go away.
Then I think, ‘If all was alright,
would I be here on Friday night?’

I come to the altar and get down on my knees,
I begin to pray by asking Him, ‘Please.
The same problems, Lord, week after week,
I continue to come, I continue to seek.

‘But how long Lord, will I have to wait?’
I hope for an answer before it’s too late.
But late it may be, in my frame of time,
He reaches out, and places His Hand in mine.

He answers my questions, one and all,
and tells me to wait, for He is in control.

The Call

I just called to say I love you,
you have no worries or cares.
Every moment of the day,
you’re always in my prayers.

Life is a battle,
from beginning to end.
It’s important to have,
a very strong friend.

Someone to rely on,
through thick & thin.
Who, in every battle,
guarantees the win.

Nothing is hidden,
He sees & knows all.
And here is His number,
just give him a call.