Why Man?

When God created man,
he was made in God’s Own Image.
He gave him all he’d need in life,
there in the garden, including a wife.

He gave him all knowledge,
and his freedom of choice.
He lacked little in power and wealth,
he even had reign over Satan himself.

Adam gave every animal its name,
plant and tree, and every fruit.
It’s hard to comprehend all Adam could do,
far more I’m sure, than both me and you.

He tended the garden in Paradise,
the place one day we’ll finally see.
God walked and talked with Adam daily,
as God and man were in unity.

But one day Adam negated his power,
and did not put Satan under his feet.
Thus, a breach was now caused by man,
but thank God He had a Sovereign Plan.

God did sacrifice His Own Son,
so man could receive his true destiny.
By Jesus’ blood and the cross,
the debt was paid that covered our loss.

The choice is ours to accept this gift,
and return to fellowship with God.
We have the choice- it’s our free will,
the doors have been opened and Jesus paid the bill.

So the question is asked of you,
the world or Jesus, the Son of God?
Who will you choose this day?
Choose Jesus, He’s the Truth, the Light, and the Way.


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