Happy Birthday Sammy!

This poem is in honor of my grandson, Samuel, whose 3rd birthday is this week.

Sammy, Sammy,
Mom and Dad’s little man.
God loves you,
and has a plan.

There isn’t a life,
that He doesn’t hold.
All that happens,
He turns to gold.

You had a destiny,
before you were born.
And God directs each day,
it’s new every morn.

He cares and holds,
you in His Heart.
And with each day,
a brand new start.

I see a future,
with promise so true.
As He blesses the life,
He has created for you.

You have a life,
that will never end.
He’s your Savior,
Brother, and Friend.

Sammy, you are getting bigger,
day by day.
And your birthday is less,
than a week away.

We’ve counted every one,
and now you will be:
One plus one plus one,
so now you are three.

So happy birthday Sammy,
you are no longer two.
Grandma and Grandpa,
wish the best for you.


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