Memorial Day: The Last Monday in May

A day of tribute, honor, & prayer,
to all those who left something there.
Not only those who gave it all,
but also those who saw one fall.

Those who were there and lost a friend,
have a memory that will never end.
Not only today, but everyday,
they take time to stop and pray.

War is tragedy that you can’t explain,
nobody knows who is to blame.
The price we pay is way too high,
especially when we say good-bye.

Nobody in war ever dies alone,
on the field, or here at home.
The military knocks at your door,
“I’m sorry, another casualty of war.”

What will ever pay the cost,
for the family that has suffered loss.
When all is given for this nation,
will a medal or citation.

The scars of war are not on the skin,
instead, the heart buried deep within.
Nothing anyone wants to talks about,
never able to pour it out.

We’re never the same as before,
for war cripples our very core.
We may come back in on piece,
but our memories will never cease.

So, for this Monday in the month of May,
take time to reflect and time to pray.
Remembering those who answered freedom’s call,
all gave some, some gave all.

Yet, in the midst of all this despair,
when the world is so unfair.
I find hope for life in only One,
and that is God’s very Son.

He’s the One who cares for me,
without Him, I wouldn’t be.
There’s nothing greater than His Grace,
He’s always there, whatever I face.

So trust Him in all you do,
He will always see you through.
He’ll never allow what you can’t bear,
He’ll shelter you in His Loving Care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day,
straight from my heart.
May the days be many,
we will never part.

I could never thank you,
for all that you do.
But I can pray that God,
will truly bless you.

Make your days bright,
and full with the Son.
As you walk in the fullness,
of the Holy One.

May He always hold you,
so close and so dear.
That you feel His safety,
and never fear.

My love for you,
will never compare.
To the love of Jesus,
that His love for you, I share.

So happy Valentine’s Day,
straight from my heart.
May the days be many,
we will never part.

God is Able

Each and every year,
has hopes and aspirations.
And a wish for peace,
among all the nations.

Newly elected officials,
give promises of change.
But working on their own,
success would be very strange.

But we cannot put our trust in man,
they all work for their own plan.
They look for glory of the world,
but not through God and His vision for man.

The world will never see eye to eye,
and establish a lasting peace.
‘Cause man is a flaw, in himself,
and that will never cease.

But in this country, there is a chance,
for life to be a little different.
We have a chance to rediscover our roots,
let life settle down and be less turbulent.

With God, all things are possible,
life can take a turn for the better.
If we put our trust in God,
and support a Christian leader.

So you need to decide,
about how you want life to be.
You can remain in bondage,
or you can truly live free.

God is waiting,
the choice is yours to make.
His promises are “yea” and “amen,”
choose right, and we’ll enter His gate.

The Perfect Gift

What is really different,
from one year to another?
Everyone is a year older,
father, mother, sister, brother.

Gifts change in size and color,
wrapping paper changes too.
The gifts need to mature,
along with me and you.

In our preparation,
shopping is still a chore.
As we need the perfect gift,
and run from store to store.

And when we find the perfect gift,
that fits our special someone.
I guess we can finally say,
shopping is complete and done.

We shopped around and thought we had,
the perfect gift for this Christmas celebration.
Through all the stores and shopping malls,
we forgot the reason for the season.

It may be an ornament,
a prayer or a book.
Come a little closer to the tree,
open your heart and take a look.

Jesus came into the world,
so we could be free to live.
The Father gave the perfect Gift,
what more could he give?

If Jesus is the only Gift,
we have more than we could ever ask for.
Because He paid once for all,
we don’t need any more.

What Happened to Thor?

As we approach Thanksgiving,
I can’t help but think of Thor.
I remember the very first time,
he entered the courtroom door.

From being thrown to the floor,
and thrown in jail.
He had not a friend,
to free him with bail.

But with the last-minute plea,
to the President himself.
He received a pardon,
how good it felt!

He gathered all the holiday animals,
and formed a holiday union.
No animal was excluded,
even the despicable Minion.

He left his post in Turkey,
no longer an ambassador.
He needed a change of scenery,
he opened and entered a new door.

The FBI and CIA,
were looking for him at home.
He left his post in Turkey,
now he was all alone.

He knew that hiding was his only safety,
where he was was anyone’s guess.
Life was going along so well,
how did he end up in this mess?

He tried the power of his hammer,
but it didn’t have it’s usual effect.
Life just seemed to go downhill,
no matter what he tried to interject.

But finally he found his place to hide,
it wasn’t comfortable, but it saved his head.
He joined the wild turkeys,
right here in Riverhead.

At least for now, it was a plan,
’til he could come up with something better.
It was cold in the woods,
maybe someone could knit him a sweater.

He has a plan, but he has to wait,
until the new President takes office.
He’ll try for another pardon,
he has a million signatures, that should suffice.

Happy Labor Day 2016!

Who really knows what Labor Day means?
Myself, I really don’t have a clue.
Google may be able to help me,
let me look and see what I can do.

From the days of the Haymarket Massacre,
labor has taken many changes.
It hasn’t happened all at once,
but happened in many stages.

May 4, 1886 was a very sad day,
lives were lost when it need not be.
Workers were looking for better living,
and it makes perfect sense to me.

Someone among the people threw a bomb,
as the police tried to disperse the crowd.
But even through all the chaos,
they would forge on, they vowed.

24 hours needed dividing up,
workers were looking for a break.
Eight hours of work was just enough,
sixteen hours was for us to take.

8 hours of family time,
and 8 hours for sleep.
Made for 24 hours,
and made the day complete.

What was the biggest change?
It would give the people a voice.
Now companies & workers,
each would have a choice.

Through all the years from then to now,
you’d figure everything would be perfect.
But still, problems continue to exist,
because man against man will always have a defect.

According to the Word of the Lord,
Labor is not in vain.
When the work is done for Him,
eternity will be the gain.

World Lung Cancer Day

Today is World Lung Cancer Day. This poem is dedicated to the victims of lung cancer & their families.

A day set aside,
for people who care.
Some are gone,
yet others are there.

The first day of August,
is World Lung Cancer Day.
Those who are survivors,
carry on, come what may.

Father-in-law, brother-in-law,
just to name a few.
Non-smoker or smoker,
it can still affect me and you.

Even my wife’s uncle,
and my older brother.
They’ve lost this terrible fight,
as lung cancer takes another.

More than any other cancer,
even the three most common combined.
Approximately 1.37 million worldwide,
their families and loved ones lives realigned.

I was with my brother and watched him suffer,
wanting to know why it was so.
With all the cancer foundations and research,
by now, a cure someone would know.

Yet this fight still rages on,
it just seems like it will never end.
But because of World Lung Cancer Day,
you have survivors to be your friend.

They understand more than we know,
they have battled and seen it through.
Because of this they have a compassion,
that can be a comfort for both me and you.

So on this day may it come to be,
as we need a cure for this uphill fight.
So on this August the First,
may the future begin by looking bright.

May the breakthrough be so clear,
that we see the forest through the trees.
May it be soon and very soon,
we find a cure for this horrible disease.