Unlock Your Hotel

Your heart is more than an organ,
it is a place of residence.
If you want it to be strong,
you must ask for repentance.

Your heart has many chambers,
like the rooms of a hotel.
Every room needs a cleaning,
and to replace the sin as well.

You don’t actually clean the rooms,
our job is to seek and ask.
The Holy Spirit is fully able,
to clean and complete the task.

When Jesus comes in to fill our heart,
every bit of sin must go.
Jesus Christ is a Holy God,
so you know it must be so.

So as He cleans, room by room,
we give up our sinful traits.
We cleanse our heart and mind,
and now look forward to heaven’s pearly gates.

As each room is being cleaned,
our nature still causes us to sin.
But on that day of final judgement,
you entered the race and ran to win.

Once the room is finally cleaned,
it is time for your decision.
You can change the name of the room,
and make it a Room of Vision.

Next, another room is cleaned,
opened and wiped of judgement.
A new name is again applied,
and is now the Room of Achievement.

Third room cleaned,
was truly a mess.
No longer so,
now the Room of Success.

With God doing the work in our hotel,
and living in residence.
We now change another room,
to the Room of Excellence.

The work is far from finished,
but it must be done room by room.
Continue to surrender your heart each day,
and let God control the broom.


Lest You Be Judged

As I stand before the judgement seat,
and He asks me simply, “Why?”
Already knowing the answer,
as He knows every star in the sky.

The choice was always mine,
I chose the other way.
“I do not have an excuse,”
is all that I can say.

He recounts my life by moments,
even the times I got it right.
But most of my life is not sunshine,
it looks like the dark of night.

Nothing is hidden,
He knows it all.
Yet He was there to help,
every time I’d fall.

He knows every prayer I’ve uttered,
and the intentions of my heart.
God is aware of everything,
He knows the end from the start.

You can never do anything in secret,
even behind a closed, locked door.
When the times comes for judgement,
it matters not- rich or poor.

We will all stand before His throne,
and His decisions will be final.
The sentences will be meted,
and they will last eternal.

So if your name is written,
in the Lamb’s Book of Life,
you’ll partake in the wedding feast,
with Jesus as the Church, His wife.