Happy Birthday Sammy!

Happy Birthday Sammy,
this is your special day.
I hope this day follows,
your plans in every way.

Sammy just turned four,
getting ready for school.
Grandma will take him,
that’s really cool.

Sammy will do well,
he knows his basic ABCs.
He also knows his numbers,
he counts- 1, 2, 3.

I’m proud of you Sammy,
I know you will do well.
In fact, you’ll do better,
than anyone can tell.

So happy birthday, Sammy,
looking forward to the adventure.
And everything looks bright,
to a great, great future.

Years of Adventure

This poem is dedicated to my grandson Jared, who turns 18 this week.

The third and final milestone,
of the teenage years,
calls for an ovation,
and many birthday cheers.

Years ago you would be,
considered of legal age.
But times have changed,
now it’s no longer the gauge.

The world says now you must attain,
the future age of twenty-one.
Then you will finally be ready,
to go out and have some fun.

But still yet it changes again,
now you must be twenty-six.
And as for now, I think that’s the age,
when you finally enter the worldly mix.

We’ve been to many different places,
and thrice to Myrtle Beach,
where Putt-Putt Champion,
was within everyone’s reach.

Myrtle Beach had a thunder and lightning storm,
and Grandma got locked out.
Jay was trying to photograph lightning,
he and Jen didn’t know Grandma wasn’t about.

Jared and I found her,
when we came up from the pool.
We had the keycard to enter the room,
we thought that was cool.

Atlanta has also been the town,
we visited more and more.
The aquarium and old Turner Field,
it never became a bore.

The World of Coke a favourite,
we’ve visited more than once.
And drank a world of Coke,
every ounce by ounce.

We even went to Georgia to eat,
at a very special place.
The diner was crowded, we had to wait,
but five turkey dinners set the pace.

We’ve been to the mall with NASCAR,
and battled from dusk ’til dawn.
Jay and Jared beat McMurray,
it was simple, like a yawn.

You never get to go to some places,
you really want to go.
But all in all I think you’re happy,
in the places we got to know.

If it wasn’t for your knowledge,
I would not have this site.
To offer words of encouragement,
and share Jesus’ glorious Light.

We have a better choice to make,
and isn’t it a great thing to know:
we live in the world but are not part of it,
and we’re planted in Christ to grow.

And age is not the criteria,
it’s not on how our life is selected.
It’s our faith in Jesus Christ,
living for Him, that we elected.

The world may seem glorious,
but it has no credibility.
Only living in Christ,
is a guarantee for eternity.

Your choice has been made,
and the future looks bright.
You’ll never walk in darkness,
Jesus is Eternal Light.

So happy birthday Jared,
I’m glad you’re on the right track.
Enjoy the day, it’s special for you,
your future is ahead, never look back.

Jen 44

44 comes once in a lifetime,
and it’s to be cherished, as every birthday.
God has blessed all these years,
and it must be no other way.

I’m so glad we can celebrate,
and join in the festive fun.
Birthdays are so very special,
for each and every one.

Birthdays need to have fun and games,
prizes and candy and ice cream cake.
And good thing birthdays come once a year,
because all that celebration is hard to take.

As you reminisce of your younger years,
and see how much you’ve changed.
And realize as you grow,
life is constantly rearranged.

Your life is always improving,
as you grow, day by day.
So take some time and reflect on life,
or get away, you and Jay.

Again, I wish you happy birthday,
may all joy and happiness be yours.
And may all your presents,
be from the heart and score.

Happy Birthday, Jay!

As leader of the pack,
you have a standard to uphold.
When it comes to my children,
you are considered old.

A sign of wisdom,
is having gray hair.
But when I look at you,
there is nothing there.

Jay might be on to something,
no hair to interfere with the brain.
No rerouting, turns, or stops,
like an express, locomotive train.

You must be wired differently,
to assemble without instructions.
You have a unique ability,
using the powers of deduction.

You’ve gained much knowledge,
in life’s many years.
By listening closely,
with an attentive ear.

You’re a son-(in-law) a dad can be proud of,
serving the Lord and serving others.
Always ready with a helping hand,
in a family of close knit brothers.

Family bonds are covenant in God’s sight,
and we know the importance of our word.
It’s a testimony of who we are,
what we speak and what is heard.

So in all and all,
I wish you happy birthday.
And may the Lord bless you,
in His own special way.

Deanna 40

In forty years of life,
much has taken place.
College, job, marriage, kids,
just part of the rat race.

But through it all,
we come out like a rose.
You’re doing your best,
as everybody knows.

But now life tends to change,
every ten years from now.
But, before it does,
for all you’ve done, take a bow.

Your body starts to change,
and the aches come more.
Even going shopping,
becomes a chore.

But through it all,
I’m proud of you.
And God gives honor,
for all you do.

Happy birthday to you,
may you have many more.
Birthdays are a celebration,
that’s what they’re for.

So may God richly bless you,
and I also pray.
That your life may be rich,
today, and every day.

Ella “2”

Happy birthday, today!
You are now two.
God holds you in His Hand,
and will in all you do.

God loves the little children,
they are precious to Him.
They light up the sky as stars,
ever so bright, and never dim.

She doesn’t tell you what she wants,
she points and you figure it out.
When she waves good-bye,
her hand is turned about.

She has her favorite toys,
Mr. Penguin, Minions, bubbles, and cooking.
She makes a mess in the kitchen,
when she thinks that no one is looking.

BB-8 and Minnie Mouse,
keep Mom up-to-date.
Let her know what’s going on,
before it’s too late.

By the time next year rolls around,
and you are finally three.
One more year under your belt,
I wonder how you’ll be.

Eric John: 15!

I remember when you became a teenager,
and now it is two years later.
Before you know it, a bigger change is coming,
but for now, being 15 is greater.

God has blessed you immensely,
much more than you realize.
And his blessing, sometimes,
you can’t even visualize.

As God knows every hair on your head,
all of your life is in His Hand.
You’ll always walk on solid rock,
never on sinking sand.

For every child of his,
God has a vision.
And by the Holy Spirit,
He’ll guide every decision.

So look to God every day of your life,
remembering that He is in control.
And one day in the future,
you will join all of Heaven on Streets of Gold.

So happy birthday Eric John,
may every day be bright as 15.
And may you grow in life,
as you look forward to all at 16.