I find the words so hard to write,
or even speak the words in prayer.
It matters neither day or night,
if I’m alone or someone’s there.

When I’m led by the Holy Spirit,
the words just seem to flow.
He speaks, and I write,
but sometimes I write too slow.

Sometimes I don’t understand,
the words that I write.
But when the work is finished,
everything comes to life.

The Holy Spirit is so faithful,
He never lets me down.
As long as my heart is open,
and I listen for His sound.

The words are God-inspired,
sometimes to comfort and to heal.
But always with a purpose,
for God’s Word is always real.

Sometimes when it’s finished,
I feel the need for more.
Then I must remember,
it’s God who opened the door.

So in all and in everything,
it’s always under God’s grace.
Absorb all God has,
with a smile on your face.



I can write about any subject,
my limits are not bound.
Not because of who I am,
but in Who I am found.

He’s given me great potential,
to write the words I hear.
As the Holy Spirit whispers softly,
and I turn a willing ear.

Sometimes the words are for me,
crystal clear and bright.
Other times, they are to comfort,
a soul that’s in a fight.

Sometimes the words come quickly,
I can’t write them fast enough.
Other times, it seems a battle,
my flesh just makes it tough.

Most times I really struggle,
when the Message is for me.
I need to read it with my heart,
and eyes that really see.

I never know the outcome,
when the words begin to flow.
I just listen carefully,
and let the Spirit go.

This time is a little different,
I know it’s not for me.
But I know the Spirit will lead it,
to wherever it needs to be.

God is always faithful,
He’ll never let you down,
He’ll hold you in His hand,
and wipe away your frown.

The Holy Spirit comforts,
gives peace you can’t understand.
Open your spirit and listen,
whether in the water or on land.

He always knows what is best for us,
though we may not agree.
Yet He cares so much He gave His life,
so that we might be set free.

So take hold of the peace He is offering.
and know it’s meant for you.
Because God is faithful to all of us,
He’s always watching over you.