Face in the Mirror

Have you ever looked in a mirror,
and what did you see?
Was it a reflection of your face,
what else could it be?

A mirror shows a dirty face,
or a messy head of hair.
But that’s not the only thing,
that’s in the mirror there.

If you look past the reflection you see,
it may really amaze you.
Because the God of love is there,
always, in everything we go through.

God wants us to know and see,
we’re the head and not the tail.
When we see God in all we do,
He will conquer when we see fail.

Stand at the mirror and close your eyes,
then tell me what you see.
You are now looking in the Spirit,
and that’s the reason you are free.

We need to look past ourselves,
and remember it’s God and us.
And from the us that people see,
people will see, In God we Trust.

Remember when you look in the mirror,
you do not just see your face.
But you see our loving Savior,
in all His mercy and grace.


Easter 2016: The Son-Rise

Death is final,
for both you and I.
And people gather,
for a last good-bye.

But there is a future,
for us to hold.
And it leads us,
to streets of gold.

The price was paid,
and debt wiped clean.
The future enables us,
to hope and dream.

The grave is conquered,
the stone is rolled away.
In a tomb,
He did not stay.

He’s given us life,
what we couldn’t do.
Paid the price,
to make everything new.

He destroyed the bondage,
of death and hell.
And opened the door,
of our hopeless cell.

What more could we ask?
He has done it all!
We have a choice,
just answer His call.

He wants to live,
within our heart.
Clean out the junk,
and set us apart.

So invite Him in,
renew life today.
With Jesus in your heart,
you’ve now found the Way.

Open the hotel,
and give Him the keys.
He’ll clean every room,
and do it with ease.

My Cemetery Walks

I took a trip to the cemetery,
and used my time to look around.
To my own amazement,
I was surprised at what I found.

Some sat on a bench,
while others had their lunch.
Some were planting flowers,
making such a pretty bunch.

Some others at a grave site sat,
so lonely and depressed.
They seemed to talk to themselves,
yet to others for sure, I guessed.

I walked up to one man,
who sat there by himself.
Put my hand on his shoulder,
and asked him if I could help.

He looked right into my eyes,
and then he began to speak.
He needed a moment to clear his throat,
but his voice seemed rather weak.

But as we continued to talk,
he seemed to gain more life.
He told me he was all alone,
and here lies his son and wife.

We talked a little about the war,
he had me by twenty years.
But he seemed grateful for company,
yet I would have shared his tears.

He made me think of future days,
when I might be sitting there.
Would my shoulder feel a hand,
of someone who might really care.

I need to spend more time,
among the grave sites there.
To walk among the lonely,
and be an instrument of God’s care.

May God, by His Holy Spirit,
guide me along the way.
May my cemetery walks,
inspire and comfort every day.

May my opportunity to share,
comfort many in need.
And many get to know,
Jesus Christ indeed.

He’s Always There

Keep a smile on your face even if you’re sad,
it will prevent the day from being all bad.
It will also prevent you when days at an end,
from being upset when you’re with a friend.

It will make the evening a more pleasurable time,
as you sit down to candlelit dinner & wine.
And afterwards, you’re filled with fun & delight,
as we pass away the rest of the night.

When you’re down in the dumps and feeling blue,
remember Jesus & I are there with you.
To help and encourage and brighten your day,
through love and prayer and the Son’s light ray.

So be of good cheer for the future is bright,
we have the Holy Spirit & Jesus, eternal life.
Rested assurance from Heaven above,
we are forever cradled in His precious love.

As we approach the edge of night,
fill your heart with pure delight.
For He’s seen you through the day,
kept you safe from all harm’s way.

So as we view night’s darkest hour,
we’ll still rest in His almighty power.
As we view the morning sun,
we’ll again remember the victories won.