My Cemetery Walks

I took a trip to the cemetery,
and used my time to look around.
To my own amazement,
I was surprised at what I found.

Some sat on a bench,
while others had their lunch.
Some were planting flowers,
making such a pretty bunch.

Some others at a grave site sat,
so lonely and depressed.
They seemed to talk to themselves,
yet to others for sure, I guessed.

I walked up to one man,
who sat there by himself.
Put my hand on his shoulder,
and asked him if I could help.

He looked right into my eyes,
and then he began to speak.
He needed a moment to clear his throat,
but his voice seemed rather weak.

But as we continued to talk,
he seemed to gain more life.
He told me he was all alone,
and here lies his son and wife.

We talked a little about the war,
he had me by twenty years.
But he seemed grateful for company,
yet I would have shared his tears.

He made me think of future days,
when I might be sitting there.
Would my shoulder feel a hand,
of someone who might really care.

I need to spend more time,
among the grave sites there.
To walk among the lonely,
and be an instrument of God’s care.

May God, by His Holy Spirit,
guide me along the way.
May my cemetery walks,
inspire and comfort every day.

May my opportunity to share,
comfort many in need.
And many get to know,
Jesus Christ indeed.


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