Accept the Light, Be Radiant Bright

Peter Baldwin is on holiday vacation. His weekly poem schedule returns soon.

Believe in Jesus Christ,
who died for you and me.
He paid the price for all,
with His Blood at Calvary.

His Blood is just enough,
to cover all of our sin.
Because of His Grace & Love,
one day we will enter in.

A home is laid in Paradise,
paved with streets of gold.
Our mansions are prepared as well,
just as we’ve been told.

We will stand before Him,
and worship all day long.
With hymns of praise,
and other glorious song.

I’m sure you want to be present,
so you must have the Key.
Jesus Christ is the only way,
that salvation will ever be.

Accepting Him as Lord & Savior,
is changing darkness to Light.
By giving Him your heart,
in eternity, you’ll be radiant bright.


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