Time to Honor

A time to honor,
Veterans tried and true.
For all who fought,
for the red, white, and blue.

A time to remember,
a time to care.
A time to thank God,
we came home from there.

War just goes on and on,
I wonder if it will ever cease.
And all our soldiers be safe and sound,
and the world would be at peace.

But peace can only come for man,
when we let God be in control.
And blend our heart and mind on him,
and His angels on patrol.

God, the only true and lasting One,
Who is never wrong in anything.
He is perfection, love and peace,
after all, He is God and King.


Talking with a Friend

Tomorrow, by the time it gets here,
is no longer tomorrow, but today.
I can’t remember what’s happening now,
I just hope the past doesn’t go away.

The only thing I can recall,
is how things used to be.
I just don’t understand the changes,
I don’t fit in and that worries me.

But I found a friend who talks to me,
And we talk about the past and reminisce.
It is good and he understands,
about all the things I miss.

I love to talk about family,
for now, I remember all their names.
And when we have a family gathering,
I still remember how to play some games.

Cards are much more rusty,
I haven’t played in so long.
I’d be embarrassed to sit and play,
Everything would probably go wrong.

There is no magic pill to change a life,
and bring back all that is lost.
But if there was, I’d surely pay,
whatever might be the cost.

One day it will finally happen,
across the earth from land to land.
The final trumpet blast will sound,
and all who know Him will understand.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
the fight for justice and liberty.
All will bow before the King,
for all eternity.

Memorial Day: The Last Monday in May

A day of tribute, honor, & prayer,
to all those who left something there.
Not only those who gave it all,
but also those who saw one fall.

Those who were there and lost a friend,
have a memory that will never end.
Not only today, but everyday,
they take time to stop and pray.

War is tragedy that you can’t explain,
nobody knows who is to blame.
The price we pay is way too high,
especially when we say good-bye.

Nobody in war ever dies alone,
on the field, or here at home.
The military knocks at your door,
“I’m sorry, another casualty of war.”

What will ever pay the cost,
for the family that has suffered loss.
When all is given for this nation,
will a medal or citation.

The scars of war are not on the skin,
instead, the heart buried deep within.
Nothing anyone wants to talks about,
never able to pour it out.

We’re never the same as before,
for war cripples our very core.
We may come back in on piece,
but our memories will never cease.

So, for this Monday in the month of May,
take time to reflect and time to pray.
Remembering those who answered freedom’s call,
all gave some, some gave all.

Yet, in the midst of all this despair,
when the world is so unfair.
I find hope for life in only One,
and that is God’s very Son.

He’s the One who cares for me,
without Him, I wouldn’t be.
There’s nothing greater than His Grace,
He’s always there, whatever I face.

So trust Him in all you do,
He will always see you through.
He’ll never allow what you can’t bear,
He’ll shelter you in His Loving Care.

A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 4)

Companion poem to A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 3).

Now that we’ve entered,
into a brand new year.
I pray for an abundance,
of mercy and cheer.

The world is changing,
and not for the better.
The issues of life,
make stormy weather.

The world is like a top,
spinning around and around.
Only in Jesus,
can peace be found.

Christians worldwide,
need to join forces and pray.
Because the world can’t change,
any other way.

God’s Word says,
“If My people would humble and pray,
I will heal this land,
this very day.”

God is able,
He faithful and true.
What He promises,
He will always do.

So when will God’s people,
gather in unity and pray.
Hear Sunday’s message,
and live it day to day.

Again, God’s Word says,
“He will pour out His Spirit,
on all flesh today,
if we continue to pray and commit.”

Prayer is important, not optional,
it’s our link to the Throne Room of Grace.
It’s powerful and worship,
it’s ever before God’s Face.

So raise a shout that will rock this world,
it’s time to gather, be humble and pray.
Wake all Christians worldwide,
and stand for Jesus Christ today.

A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 3)

Companion poem to A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 2).

When it comes to this point of life,
I know only One Who is Truth and Love.
I find it in Jesus Christ,
Who came from the Father above.

He is Comforter and Lamb of God,
He will bring about healing.
Only He can give peace,
that surpasses understanding.

In every facet of life,
God controls by His Word and Hand.
And if this country would listen,
God would heal this sinful land.

His promises are “Yea” and “Amen,”
always faithful, always true.
Just take time to repent,
and see what God will do.

He will never leave or forsake us,
He will always extend His Hand.
And if this nation would truly repent,
God would honor his Word and heal this land.

God has given us a free will,
and the choice is ours to make.
God is offering eternal life,
He wants us all to partake.

God doesn’t want anyone to perish,
and enter the fiery furnace of Hell.
Accept the Son, Jesus Christ,
and our will be sealed and well.

One final thought,
there is no other way.
The choice is yours,
make the right one today.

To be continued next week.

A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 2)

Companion poem to A Call to Action: America in 2016.

This country started on God’s Word,
the foundations were set in prayer.
And after the first election,
our founding fathers went to church, that’s where.

No presidential party,
no gala, celebration, or event.
They knew time would come,
for the country to repent.

The country has chosen the wider road,
and lost the straight and narrow.
It has been a very poor choice,
it’s caused much pain and sorrow.

Even to this day,
with all that’s taken place.
This country has yet to come to God,
prostrate, and on its face.

Give this country a new lease on life,
is the cry and prayer of the Christian heart.
And through God, all things are possible,
with repentance, we can have a new start.

The choices this country has made,
have not always been the best.
This country has its problems,
just like all the rest.

We could change our old simple ways,
and return to the straight & narrow.
When God truly blessed this nation,
and subdued Satan’s fiery arrow.

The question needs an answer,
you must choose one or the other.
The road is wide to destruction,
the road to salvation is the only other.

God has given everyone a free will,
the choice is ours, and it seals our fate.
Choose the right path of life,
before it becomes too late.

To be continued next week.

A Call to Action: America in 2016

It is that time again,
to start a brand new year.
The world wants to celebrate,
but before the Lord, I shed a tear.

With all that has happened recently,
you would expect no celebration.
But people will still carry on,
with their New Year’s declarations.

When will come the time,
when we confess we’ve had enough?
Fight the corruption of this country,
stand up for what’s right- get tough!

This could be a year of change,
this country need not be so.
We could embrace our beginnings,
and answer “yes,” not “no.”

But when and if we see,
the New Year 2017.
Did this year bring something different,
or was it the same old, same old 2016?

The choice is ours to make,
this country can be turned around.
Get on our knees and pray,
that is where we need to be found.

Then we would see some change,
when God is restored to government.
This country needs to remember its roots,
established by our first president.

It is not an easy task to do,
but Christians need to join and pray.
If they don’t, it will never change,
and the future will a very dreary day.

We need to return to prayer in school,
and family time to have a meal.
Make priorities for the time we use,
get to know each other for real.

To be continued next week.