A Call to Action: America in 2016

It is that time again,
to start a brand new year.
The world wants to celebrate,
but before the Lord, I shed a tear.

With all that has happened recently,
you would expect no celebration.
But people will still carry on,
with their New Year’s declarations.

When will come the time,
when we confess we’ve had enough?
Fight the corruption of this country,
stand up for what’s right- get tough!

This could be a year of change,
this country need not be so.
We could embrace our beginnings,
and answer “yes,” not “no.”

But when and if we see,
the New Year 2017.
Did this year bring something different,
or was it the same old, same old 2016?

The choice is ours to make,
this country can be turned around.
Get on our knees and pray,
that is where we need to be found.

Then we would see some change,
when God is restored to government.
This country needs to remember its roots,
established by our first president.

It is not an easy task to do,
but Christians need to join and pray.
If they don’t, it will never change,
and the future will a very dreary day.

We need to return to prayer in school,
and family time to have a meal.
Make priorities for the time we use,
get to know each other for real.

To be continued next week.


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