Birthday Delight

This poem is dedicated to my daughter, who recently turned 43.

Birthdays come around,
each and every year.
Sometimes a gala event,
other times a simple cheer.

Not everyone always celebrates,
as they did when you were younger.
More excitement happened then,
the joy of finally being a teenager.

But with each year comes wisdom,
as you continue to grow and grow.
But then you’re not quite as quick,
in fact, you might’ve gotten slow.

But then the joy of a little one,
returns your strength and vigor.
Another year you carry on,
asking God for peace and favor.

I remember at forty-three,
I just knew it all.
But then my kids told me,
that wasn’t a good call.

But Jennifer, I know the years,
have come and gone so quick.
But I know you cherished every one,
and Ella knows everything needs a lick.

You’re such an important part of life,
as you celebrate 43 this year.
I am proud to be your father,
so happy birthday and all the cheer.


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