The Reason for the Season

Sometimes thoughts seem a long way off,
and they don’t really make any sense.
My mind seems cluttered with daily life,
my body and thoughts, tired and tense.

My mind is raveled in a giant knot,
which loose end to pull, I don’t know.
Chances are, it can’t get worse,
I have to do something to unlock the flow.

But then, maybe the words were spoken,
beyond my listening ear.
And I was too tired,
to turn my head to hear.

But out of the heart, the mouth speaks,
it is not an audible voice.
Words are implanted by the Holy Spirit,
and are used only by His choice.

They are given for wisdom and inspiration,
as God speaks to us.
He also speaks through the written Word,
and that makes life a plus.

So even when life seems down,
and doesn’t seem to fit.
Receive a Christmas present,
God’s Son, the Perfect Gift.

He’ll lift you by a Mighty Hand,
out of the miry clay.
And set your feet on higher ground,
firmly planted to stay.

So accept the Gift that God offers,
and make this a joyous season.
And after all, we need to remember,
Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Remember Jesus Christ,
the Solid Rock you stand.
All other ground,
is sinking sand.


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