Open the Door

May I be the messenger,
to change hopelessness to hope.
And serves for Jesus Christ,
who gives peace for us to cope.

His Word is power and strength,
He renews our lives each day.
When we speak it out loud,
we keep the enemy at bay.

He gives wisdom to all who ask,
and patience, if that’s the need.
He never leaves or forsakes us,
and His example will always lead.

He helps us to shine,
darkness diminished by His glorious Light.
And the more we walk with Him,
the more we shine so bright.

God doesn’t work from the outside in,
He works from the inside out.
He renews and refreshes our heart,
as we learn what He is about.

God has given us a free will,
so serving Him is our choice.
And all we need to do,
is ask Him with our voice.

It’s not a major climatic event,
it’s simple in what you do.
God’s love will never fail,
He is always faithful and true.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks,
surrender your heart and open the door.
Jesus will clean up your life,
with Him, you won’t need any more.

I am a Candle

To my wife, whom God gave the revelation.

Have you ever wondered about a candle,
besides the fact that it gives light?
Let’s examine each part closer,
it has more usage than just that night.

A candle is made of wax and wick,
yet when it burns, it’s so much more.
It changes into another substance,
it’s liquid at its core.

The liquid is a pliable heart,
one the Lord can work with.
As the wax continues to cool,
it becomes hard and stiff.

The wax when hard,
is like a stony heart.
It can be deformed and cold,
not accepting what God wants to impart.

The wick that’s used to burn the candle,
is the will of our soul.
It needs the fire of the Holy Spirit,
to make us complete and whole.

So the candle relates to our life in Christ,
each element an essential part.
We need the Holy Spirit’s constant flame,
to soften and subdue our heart.

So every time you look at a candle,
don’t just see the wax and wick.
See the liquid and the flame,
and all that’s there, in the candle stick.

Remember the Holy Spirit lives inside of us,
so keep His flame pure and bright.
Let it shine in power and love,
as we spread God’s glorious light.

His Death was Complete

There is something I’d like to tell you,
that you may not have thought about.
When Jesus came and died for us,
not a single soul was left out.

God, who knows the entire future,
forever, throughout all eternity.
Knows everyone that will come to Him,
yet still made a way for you and me.

Jesus asked three times,
if the cup could be taken.
But surrendered to the Father’s Will,
caused the world to be shaken.

Jesus was faithful to the very end,
He endured worse than we ever could.
Even the Father had turned away,
as He hung on that cross of wood.

Yet Jesus was the only One,
who could ever pay our debts.
God’s own spotless Lamb,
who suffered without regret.

What more could the Love of God,
have given as a sacrifice?
His One and Only spotless Son,
no other could have paid the price.

Now that Jesus has paved the way,
think hard about the choice.
Choose Jesus and Eternal Life,
call out to Him and life your voice.

Six Steps Down

Heaven is high above the Earth,
and we seek it for all it’s worth.
Father, Son, & Holy Ghost,
the Trinity with the heavenly Host.

But because of God’s Love,
He sent Jesus from above.
A bloody sacrifice to pay for sin,
a battle man could never win.

Jesus left his Holy Throne,
so in life we’re not alone.
Only Jesus could prepare the way,
so we’d be free from sin today.

It took six steps from heaven to earth,
and four completed before His birth.
He gave up his divine form,
to rescue us from a sin-filled storm.

All He had to do before His ministry,
to pay for sin and set man free.
He emptied Himself of any rights,
He fasted 40 days and 40 nights.

He became a man,
according to the Father’s plan.
He opened the door for a crooked and perverse generation,
to redeem the world through salvation.

He had no desire for worldly fame,
God and human, one and the same.
He took on the role of a servant,
He came to renew God’s covenant.

He willingly gave up his very breath,
He was obedient to the point of death.
The only sacrifice that could make a way,
His precious blood covered all sin that day.

He died a terrible death, enduring the cross,
it was all for gain and not a loss.
Jesus what was impossible for man,
six steps down, God’s merciful plan.

Tipping Point

Do you lean more towards God,
or more towards the world?
Do you find time for praise and worship,
or too busily involved with the world’s hardships?

If so busy, you’ll always have problems,
no matter how you choose to face life.
Problems just seem to evolve,
solve them and they still don’t dissolve.

You’ll always have more on your plate,
than it’s able to hold.
You never catch up with all you do,
and you feel like it’s burying you.

You think you can do it on your own,
but the world just overpowers you.
You try your best, but the world is tough,
and your determination just isn’t enough.

So how do you solve this dilemma,
and come up with a victory?
It all goes back to the tipping point,
and it’s time for change, and God to anoint.

Leaning the other way,
opens doors of opportunity.
You face life, and you’re not alone,
you have an open line to the Throne.

Life is not your burden to carry,
live in Jesus- He’s made a better Way.
Jesus says His yoke is easy, His burden light,
step out of the darkness of the night.

He washes you in His cleansing blood,
and from that point, He forgives and forgets your past.
Your life is changed, it’s now brand new,
Jesus suffered the Cross, He died for me and you.

So which way would you like,
the tipping point of life to lean?
You could remain stuck in the miry clay,
or accept Jesus and start a brand new day.

Jesus will never force you,
the choice is yours to make.
But He will set you free,
where you’d rather be for eternity.

Make Time

High on the cliff, over jagged rocks I stand,
away from the peace of the Promised Land.
The storm has caused a fierce raging sea,
one step forward allows it to swallow me.

Life’s so encumbered by all that surrounds,
the hustle, the bustle, the ups and the downs.
So easy to renew the habits of old,
I don’t know how I’ve become so cold.

I’m crying and crying and no one can tell,
because the tears don’t cause my eyes to swell.
But all is not that simple and easy to hide,
especially the coldness that’s grown inside.

I’m pulled all directions: north, south, east, and west,
no matter which road, I still find no rest.
Please, again please, what more can I say?
I can’t even find rest at the end of the day.

It seems we just talked, only yesterday,
the promises of the streets of gold today.
Someone has to rescue me from this turmoil & strife,
and put some meaning back into my life.

A devotion, a little time spent with the Lord,
found little room, with all else aboard.
A fleeting moment to pray, put on my heart,
no time to give in and do my part.

One mornings’ missed reading,
I’ll make up by two.
Soon it became,
more than I could do.

Perhaps if I took time and knelt down to pray,
a door would open and I’d find a way.
Lord, I surrender it all up to you,
so easy to say, yet so hard to do.

I need your help ’til the day I come home,
I know I can’t do anything on my own.
Not for the fact that I would lose control,
Jesus I need Your Hand to hold.

An Empty Bank

I deposit everything,
into my memory bank.
Along comes the thieves,
and take it all, to be quite frank.

Everything I deposit,
seems to count for loss.
I need better security,
but I can’t pay the cost.

Maybe you could help me,
try to work this out.
Because I’m losing more,
than I even know about.

My investments all go sour,
it’s a no-win situation.
Maybe it’s time for a change,
time to ask a different question.

I forget more than I remember,
I find it very easy to do.
But it’s not the way I want it to be,
I need to get hold of something new.

But what can I do to make it better?
I don’t believe it can be done.
Maybe a brain transplant might help,
but I can’t believe it would be fun.

A friend of mine says he has a way,
to fix the holes and plug the sieve.
It will give me a new start,
and teach me how to live.

He says if I come with him,
and listen to what his friend has to say.
Tomorrow will be very different,
it will start a brand-new day.

My mind can be put back together,
everything God intended it to be.
The chains that kept me bound,
will be broken and I’ll be set free.

I’m no longer making bad investments,
a relationship is all it took.
And every answer I’ll ever need,
is found within The Book.