Nine Room House

Nine rooms encompass my heart
And each room is a separate part
My first room is a room of love
Which only comes from God above.

To be shared and passed on to others
To support and uphold my sisters and brothers
A love that only God can give
To strengthen the life we have to live.

Room two is a room filled with joy
Given freely for all to enjoy
It’s a fruit that’s filled with various pleasures
And passing it on stores up treasures.

The joy of the Lord is my strength
And it never ends in length
It goes on and on in all we do
From God through His Spirit from Him to you.

Room three is a room that’s filled with peace
Poured out from God that will not cease
It’s your heart in the right place
And it meets any obstacle we may face.

It gives a comfort only God can give
It carries us over just like a bridge
The peace of God is like a river
And it’s powerful when God is the giver.

Room four is the room that’s filled with goodness
Which we can be because of God’s holiness
Because the Spirit that lives in us
Also was the Spirit in Jesus

Goodness helps to spread a smile
It goes on mile after mile
It’s greater than a very close friend
It’s fruit God gives that will never end.

Room five is filled with self-control
A fruit that’s precious for our heart and soul
It gives us wisdom that we don’t see
It teaches that it’s not about me.

It teaches us to control our tongue
No matter if we’re old or young
It teaches us to curb all we see
Because not everything is good for you and me.

Room six is filled with a spirit of gentleness
It’s not weak but godly boldness
A gentle spirit can turn away wrath
And it keeps us moving along the right path.

Jesus was gentle from the moment of birth
And gentle throughout His walk on earth
He was gentle but a man of power
And in times of trouble He’s our strong tower

Room seven is filled with meekness
A humble spirit even in times of stress
Jesus was humble in every way
As He walked through life from day to day.

Meekness is not weakness as people think
It’s strong and powerful like a chain link
It’s always available whatever the need
It’s a treasured fruit on which to feed.

This room is the number eight
It is a room full of faith
Belief that God is in control
And God is constantly on patrol.

Faith is measured out to every soul
Exactly what we need to remain whole
It carries us through thick and thin
Faith is belief that in God we win.

Room nine is filled with long suffering
Patiently waiting for life’s changing
Not worried about incompetence or delay
You’re willing to wait come what may.

When you choose the line in the store
Think it could be a God given detour
Never hurry to be on your way
You many miss a chance to witness today.

These are the rooms within a heart
Now you see each room has a part
They make us how God wants us to be
Because He died to set us free.


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