The Elephant

An elephant in a laundry basket
Is really quite a sight
I don’t know how she lifted it
Because elephants aren’t light.

A fellow in the group
Gave him the name Eugene
I would have named him Bubbles
Because he didn’t look heavy and mean.

We’ve yet to figure out
Why Eugene got in the basket
I think he got stuck
Playing hide and seek and had no camouflage kit.

Maybe the lady was trying
To find him a better place
He couldn’t walk around
And leave footprints to trace.

Maybe he was waiting
For all the wash to fold
Because he was looking
For a bed out of the cold.

Whatever the reason
The picture did seem odd
The picture was missing someone
With fishing gear and rod.

But looking at all involved
And seeing how everything goes
I think a nickname for Bubbles
Should be Twinkle Toes.


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