In Jesus’ Name

Love and peace are ours,
in Jesus’ name.
He is always faithful,
and every day the same.

He is everything we need,
and His promises always true.
He’ll never leave or forsake us,
the guarantee is for me and you.

His love never changes,
from day to day.
Jesus is always constant,
and we are never cast away.

His grace is unending,
and it is freely given.
Jesus is our only Provider,
call Him, He is never hidden.

He paid the ultimate sacrifice,
He works all things for the good.
He loves us so very much,
He paid all on a cross of wood.

Jesus paid what we could not,
and gave us freedom through grace.
And all He asks is relationship,
and one day we’ll get out of this place.

Our heavenly home is waiting,
that’s where we want to be.
And with Christ in our heart,
one day His face we’ll see.

So count your blessings,
day by day.
And thank the Father,
for opening the Way.


Next In Line for a Miracle

Are you waiting for a change,
and for the mountain to move?
God will always make a way,
even though you might not approve.

Sometimes we need the most direct path,
to make a highway right through the mountain.
The blessing is waiting and we need to go through,
point A to point B, short and certain.

Every day, all day, miracles happen,
most times, we’re not even aware.
Remember that God is in complete control,
and He knows every mountain there.

Miracles happen before we arrive,
preparation for God’s glory.
When we enter His Throne Room of Grace,
we’re in a line for a miracle story.

More than we can imagine,
God wants to do for us.
He only wants the best,
so in His Hands and Love, we trust.

God’s promises are faithful and true,
and we can have them all.
Don’t forget that Jesus’ Spirit lives in us,
and He’s always there if we fall.

But remember, even if the mountain doesn’t move,
God will still provide a way through.
Because He gave His Life for us,
what more could He possibly do?

Look to the future,
it’s ever so bright.
We’ll never walk in darkness,
’cause Jesus is our Light.

Life Can Be

We can’t always live,
each and every dream.
Life can’t always be,
simple and peachy keen.

Some of life’s situations,
can seem very mean.
And at the final outcome,
you just want to scream!

When the plans boil over,
you need to let off steam.
Then you recompose yourself,
and start off new and clean.

But I have a simple way,
you might be looking for.
All it takes to have it,
is open your heart’s door.

It’s really very simple,
it boils down to a choice.
Let your heart speak,
open your mouth and use your voice.

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
and accept His grace for all your sin.
Your life will never be the same,
your frown is now a grin.

I will not say that all is perfect,
but it will be better than it’s been.
With Jesus living in your life,
defeat will now be a win.

So turn your life to Jesus Christ,
accept His love and favor.
And with Him always by your side,
joy and peace you’ll always savor.

I Will Follow

My God is sufficient,
for all of my needs.
And I will follow,
wherever He leads.

He holds me securely,
in the palm of His Hand.
And I have no worry,
His footprints are in the sand.

In times of storm,
He shelters me.
In the cleft of the rock,
we have security.

He is powerful,
strong in His might.
His yoke is easy,
His burden is light.

We have no doubt,
He is always there.
And in His timing,
He answers our prayer.

God is gracious,
in His love for you and me.
After all that He’s done,
giving His life on Cavalry.

God gives us grace,
from Satan’s attack.
March on in the battle,
He has our back.

God also gives us His Spirit,
His fruits help us abide.
And all of God’s resources,
stand ready at our side.

So look to the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit,
the blessed Trinity.
If you surrender your heart,
you’ll have eternity.

Step Out and Be Bold

The years have been many,
and the task very great.
The accomplishments, a reward,
that God did create.

Your knowledge and talent,
have come only from Him.
He’s walked alongside you,
and caused you to win.

He has destined this day,
so long, long ago.
In the overall plan,
that only He does know.

Where it will take you,
is not at all clear.
But with Him in control,
you can walk without fear.

Put your hands in His,
step out and be bold.
Do all for God’s glory,
and you’ll attain your goal.

He’ll never leave or forsake you,
eternally in His care.
To God be the glory,
for always being there.

Much richness and blessing,
may He bestow upon you.
Wherever He leads,
and all that you do.

66 Books

66 books,
of wisdom and truth.
They guide and direct,
correct and reproof.

They can solve your problems,
and end all strife.
They answer every question,
pertaining to life.

No answer is lacking,
just seek and find.
Comfort the soul,
and peace to the mind.

Come before God,
in worship and prayer.
In His timing,
He’s always there.

He gives wisdom,
in studying His Word.
As the Holy Spirit reminds us,
of all that we’ve heard.

The Spirit guides us,
to the Throne Room of grace.
As our prayers enter,
His Holy Place.

Even when we,
expect God’s grace.
We fall behind,
in our heavenly race.

Life may not,
turn out as planned.
It may still be,
sinking sand.

Only God,
is always perfect.
He’s sees Christ’s Blood,
not our defect.

In God’s timing,
we may not see.
In how He cares,
for you and me.

God is always,
in control.
When we ask,
His Hand we’ll hold.

He extends His mercy,
and His grace.
In every stage,
of life we face.

So remember to always,
have a look.
Into the pages,
of The Book.

The answers are there,
and they never fail.
The answers may come,
Express Mail.

Grace (Remixed)

This poem is a remix of a previous poem, “Grace.”

The unmerited favor of God,
is the meaning of His grace.
It’s powerful and it’s free,
and your sins it will erase.

God’s grace is more than sufficient,
and grace never brings up the past.
God is forever and forever,
and His grace will always last.

Eyes are the windows to the soul,
through love, God’s soul is grace.
We are called to live for him,
and run the faithful race.

Our sins that are forgiven,
are buried, deep within a sea.
Never to be raised again,
for God’s Word, is faithful for you and me.

His grace will never expire,
it will cover multitudes of sin.
It is new every morning,
and because of grace, we’ll enter in.

So do not be afraid to ask,
and receive what God will do.
His promises are “Yeh!” & “Amen!”
Forever faithful and forever true.

The favor of God’s grace,
is ours to behold.
It will take us to His glory,
our home and streets of gold.

What does grace really spell?
God reigns & controls everything.
On the day we’re finally home,
we’ll praise & worship & forever sing.