Grace (Remixed)

This poem is a remix of a previous poem, “Grace.”

The unmerited favor of God,
is the meaning of His grace.
It’s powerful and it’s free,
and your sins it will erase.

God’s grace is more than sufficient,
and grace never brings up the past.
God is forever and forever,
and His grace will always last.

Eyes are the windows to the soul,
through love, God’s soul is grace.
We are called to live for him,
and run the faithful race.

Our sins that are forgiven,
are buried, deep within a sea.
Never to be raised again,
for God’s Word, is faithful for you and me.

His grace will never expire,
it will cover multitudes of sin.
It is new every morning,
and because of grace, we’ll enter in.

So do not be afraid to ask,
and receive what God will do.
His promises are “Yeh!” & “Amen!”
Forever faithful and forever true.

The favor of God’s grace,
is ours to behold.
It will take us to His glory,
our home and streets of gold.

What does grace really spell?
God reigns & controls everything.
On the day we’re finally home,
we’ll praise & worship & forever sing.


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