The Source

The “Big Bang Theory” of Creation,
could it really be?
Take a minute and read on,
I’ll open your eyes so you see.

Science thinks it has the answers,
then it changes its point of view.
It has a record of rearranging,
the facts it reports to you.

If everything came from the “Big Bang”,
such a long, long time ago,
how come it hasn’t happened again,
in eons of time; does Science know?

Let me ask you an important question.
Who is the source of all life on Earth?
Was it a cosmic explosion,
or a power that brought life to birth?

How can everything be perfectly aligned,
and all natural resources available?
If all started from an explosion,
what kept everything intact & formidable?

There had to be some kind of glue,
that kept everything needed together.
Yet, knowing that is impossible,
I offer you the Author who’s better.

If you’ve ever witnessed the birth of a child,
from conception through delivery,
you will stand in awesome wonder,
of the Creator’s availability.

Only a Supreme Being whose name is God,
could have provided such a plan.
From the first day of Creation,
to the sinful heart of man.

God, in His infinite wisdom,
sees the beginning and the end.
He provides eternity,
for those He calls His friend.

How do you become a friend of God?
You believe in God’s own Son.
Accept the fact He paid the price,
through blood, not works; Redemption is done.

God is the only Source of life,
and the Bible is our direction.
No other way can it be done,
and to this rule, NO EXCEPTION!


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