In honor of Word on the Pete’s 1st anniversary, we’d like to present to all our readers the famous poem that was awarded 1st place at the 2010 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

is not how life is meant to be.
It kills the feeling of heart and mind,
and the eyes to the soul become blind.

The tragedy of life and trauma of war,
tears us apart at our very core.
They leave us a feeling of hopeless despair,
taking away all dreams and care.

It deprives us of our zest for life,
buries us deeper in turmoil and strife.
It grabs hold of our life and doesn’t let go,
but life is not designed to struggle so.

We are attacked with fits of rage,
and we battle this at any age.
Everywhere we turn seems out of control,
and the more we dig, the deeper the hole.

But I will not surrender this battle for life,
because there is victory in this fight.
Life can be turned completely around,
it all depends on where your heart is found.

All things are possible to those who believe,
all God asks is to just receive.
He’ll hold you in His hand with care,
He’ll never allow what you can’t bear.

The staff here helps to set your course,
but God still remains your final source.
It’s time to accept facts and understand,
you’re on the rock or sinking sand.

is not what the letters means to me.
Point Towards Someone Divine,
and take back the life that’s mine.

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