50 Years of Lost in Space

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi TV series, Lost in Space. To celebrate, here’s a poem highlighting the show’s main protagonist, Dr. Zachary Smith.

The man is nuts,
that is no myth.
The good doctor’s name,
is Zachary Smith.

Man set out to colonize space,
aboard the Jupiter 2.
But Smith, a foreign agent,
plotted to kill the crew.

But the poor man got trapped,
and threw them off balance.
Now hopelessly lost in space,
with nothing but a bit of science.

Hopping from planet to planet,
exploring each alien land.
The Robinsons often in danger,
at Dr. Smith’s selfish hand.

Always plotting and scheming,
some way back to Earth.
He bargains with aliens,
to increase his net worth.

He gets more than he asked for,
and gets into trouble a lot.
Smith isn’t the biggest fan,
of Major West and The Robot.

No matter what planet they land on,
Smith will find a way.
He ignores all the warnings,
and proceeds anyway.

Although declared unstable,
by the Intergalactic Panel.
There’ll be more charades next week,
same time, same channel.