66 Books

66 books,
of wisdom and truth.
They guide and direct,
correct and reproof.

They can solve your problems,
and end all strife.
They answer every question,
pertaining to life.

No answer is lacking,
just seek and find.
Comfort the soul,
and peace to the mind.

Come before God,
in worship and prayer.
In His timing,
He’s always there.

He gives wisdom,
in studying His Word.
As the Holy Spirit reminds us,
of all that we’ve heard.

The Spirit guides us,
to the Throne Room of grace.
As our prayers enter,
His Holy Place.

Even when we,
expect God’s grace.
We fall behind,
in our heavenly race.

Life may not,
turn out as planned.
It may still be,
sinking sand.

Only God,
is always perfect.
He’s sees Christ’s Blood,
not our defect.

In God’s timing,
we may not see.
In how He cares,
for you and me.

God is always,
in control.
When we ask,
His Hand we’ll hold.

He extends His mercy,
and His grace.
In every stage,
of life we face.

So remember to always,
have a look.
Into the pages,
of The Book.

The answers are there,
and they never fail.
The answers may come,
Express Mail.


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