I Will Follow

My God is sufficient,
for all of my needs.
And I will follow,
wherever He leads.

He holds me securely,
in the palm of His Hand.
And I have no worry,
His footprints are in the sand.

In times of storm,
He shelters me.
In the cleft of the rock,
we have security.

He is powerful,
strong in His might.
His yoke is easy,
His burden is light.

We have no doubt,
He is always there.
And in His timing,
He answers our prayer.

God is gracious,
in His love for you and me.
After all that He’s done,
giving His life on Cavalry.

God gives us grace,
from Satan’s attack.
March on in the battle,
He has our back.

God also gives us His Spirit,
His fruits help us abide.
And all of God’s resources,
stand ready at our side.

So look to the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit,
the blessed Trinity.
If you surrender your heart,
you’ll have eternity.


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