About Me

Sometimes people don’t understand,
what I’m all about.
They just don’t take the time,
to try and figure it out.

I have a very loving heart,
and forgiveness is always free.
I just don’t hold a grudge,
that’s the finer side of Me.

The key to knowing Me,
is found in the Book.
Just open It up,
and take a look.

I give love and joy,
that gives you strength.
And I never fail,
to go the length.

I give peace,
that surpasses understanding.
I give goodness,
that is never ending.

I Am faithful,
from beginning to end.
I Am closer to you,
than your best friend.

I Am gracious in,
the glory of My goodness.
I Am ever merciful,
in my spirit of gentleness.

Concerning the Lord’s promise,
He is long suffering towards us.
In His promise to the meek,
they shall inherit the Earth, plus.

My patience will never run out,
it is forever long and lasting.
Let patience have her perfect work,
it is sufficient for all time’s passing.

So come and get to know Me,
I will never let you down.
I’ll fill your life with laughter,
and take away the frowns.


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