Next In Line for a Miracle

Are you waiting for a change,
and for the mountain to move?
God will always make a way,
even though you might not approve.

Sometimes we need the most direct path,
to make a highway right through the mountain.
The blessing is waiting and we need to go through,
point A to point B, short and certain.

Every day, all day, miracles happen,
most times, we’re not even aware.
Remember that God is in complete control,
and He knows every mountain there.

Miracles happen before we arrive,
preparation for God’s glory.
When we enter His Throne Room of Grace,
we’re in a line for a miracle story.

More than we can imagine,
God wants to do for us.
He only wants the best,
so in His Hands and Love, we trust.

God’s promises are faithful and true,
and we can have them all.
Don’t forget that Jesus’ Spirit lives in us,
and He’s always there if we fall.

But remember, even if the mountain doesn’t move,
God will still provide a way through.
Because He gave His Life for us,
what more could He possibly do?

Look to the future,
it’s ever so bright.
We’ll never walk in darkness,
’cause Jesus is our Light.


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