Deanna 40

In forty years of life,
much has taken place.
College, job, marriage, kids,
just part of the rat race.

But through it all,
we come out like a rose.
You’re doing your best,
as everybody knows.

But now life tends to change,
every ten years from now.
But, before it does,
for all you’ve done, take a bow.

Your body starts to change,
and the aches come more.
Even going shopping,
becomes a chore.

But through it all,
I’m proud of you.
And God gives honor,
for all you do.

Happy birthday to you,
may you have many more.
Birthdays are a celebration,
that’s what they’re for.

So may God richly bless you,
and I also pray.
That your life may be rich,
today, and every day.


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