Ella “2”

Happy birthday, today!
You are now two.
God holds you in His Hand,
and will in all you do.

God loves the little children,
they are precious to Him.
They light up the sky as stars,
ever so bright, and never dim.

She doesn’t tell you what she wants,
she points and you figure it out.
When she waves good-bye,
her hand is turned about.

She has her favorite toys,
Mr. Penguin, Minions, bubbles, and cooking.
She makes a mess in the kitchen,
when she thinks that no one is looking.

BB-8 and Minnie Mouse,
keep Mom up-to-date.
Let her know what’s going on,
before it’s too late.

By the time next year rolls around,
and you are finally three.
One more year under your belt,
I wonder how you’ll be.


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