The Floor of the Stock Exchange

Every day in New York, a hammer falls,
and trading prices fall or swell.
And every day New York hears,
the sound of the NYSE opening bell.

There’s movement on the stock exchange floor,
the turning of heads, and the scrambling of feet.
People are running all about,
in that building on Wall Street.

If on the floor of the stock exchange,
there comes a slight hesitation.
It could result in a major change,
and a serious financial fluctuation.

On the outside all seems well,
but the inside tells a different tale.
Stocks and bonds and money-galore,
both for purchase and for sale.

The madness ends at 4 o’clock,
when trading finally ceases.
It’s then that everyone counts,
and looks for increases or decreases.

Everyone heads home for the day,
and dusk falls over the Big Apple.
The brokers head home to their families,
eat dinner and maybe play Scrabble.

And the next morning in New York,
the sun appears all around.
And people rush down to Wall Street,
“Hurry, the opening bell is about to sound!”


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