Have an Ear to Hear

Sometimes we find success,
and it makes us very proud.
Then that still small voice,
seems very loud.

It’s not what you have done,
but My Spirit being in you.
That has enabled you to work,
and glorify Me in what you do.

When we listen and follow,
life is so much better.
Our future looks bright,
and we look forward to life forever.

When we live the Fruits of the Spirit,
it leaves no time for fleshy desire.
The Holy Ghost keeps us going,
with the burning of His fire.

When our ear is tuned to listen,
we recognize God’s voice.
We are able to distinguish,
and make the right choice.

When we come to God in prayer,
the Spirit intercedes for us.
We no longer pray for our needs,
but prayer requests of others to be victorious.

He speaks to us in a heavenly language,
that enters the Throne Room of grace.
Directly to the Heart of God,
and before God’s Holy Face.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
the three Voices we need to hear.
Extremely important to every facet of life,
it keeps in tune with God, and very near.

So listen carefully,
and keep your heart and ears in tune.
And God will guide your daily walk,
morning, night, and noon.


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