Happy Labor Day 2016!

Who really knows what Labor Day means?
Myself, I really don’t have a clue.
Google may be able to help me,
let me look and see what I can do.

From the days of the Haymarket Massacre,
labor has taken many changes.
It hasn’t happened all at once,
but happened in many stages.

May 4, 1886 was a very sad day,
lives were lost when it need not be.
Workers were looking for better living,
and it makes perfect sense to me.

Someone among the people threw a bomb,
as the police tried to disperse the crowd.
But even through all the chaos,
they would forge on, they vowed.

24 hours needed dividing up,
workers were looking for a break.
Eight hours of work was just enough,
sixteen hours was for us to take.

8 hours of family time,
and 8 hours for sleep.
Made for 24 hours,
and made the day complete.

What was the biggest change?
It would give the people a voice.
Now companies & workers,
each would have a choice.

Through all the years from then to now,
you’d figure everything would be perfect.
But still, problems continue to exist,
because man against man will always have a defect.

According to the Word of the Lord,
Labor is not in vain.
When the work is done for Him,
eternity will be the gain.


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