Eric John: 15!

I remember when you became a teenager,
and now it is two years later.
Before you know it, a bigger change is coming,
but for now, being 15 is greater.

God has blessed you immensely,
much more than you realize.
And his blessing, sometimes,
you can’t even visualize.

As God knows every hair on your head,
all of your life is in His Hand.
You’ll always walk on solid rock,
never on sinking sand.

For every child of his,
God has a vision.
And by the Holy Spirit,
He’ll guide every decision.

So look to God every day of your life,
remembering that He is in control.
And one day in the future,
you will join all of Heaven on Streets of Gold.

So happy birthday Eric John,
may every day be bright as 15.
And may you grow in life,
as you look forward to all at 16.


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