Gale: 2016

A little girl was born,
68 years ago.
You may not know who,
but I happen to know.

She grew up in Brooklyn,
’til the age of eight.
Then she moved to Farmingdale,
a new life to create.

No more city living,
pure country, now the task.
Truly a different style of life,
with many questions to ask.

Travel now was different,
you needed a car to go.
The bus wasn’t at the corner,
to take you to and fro.

But life can always be adjusted,
it’s just a matter of when.
And once you know your way around,
all will be fine then.

You make new friends,
you hope for life.
Then you meet me,
now a wife.

So 68 years,
have come and gone.
Memories still linger,
as time goes on.

And our own two daughters,
have families of their own.
And I hope that their memories,
make a happy home.

Much more was packed,
in those 68 years.
Many were happy times,
but some brought tears.

But that is part of living,
as we do, day by day.
But God holds you in his palm,
and carries you along the way.

So let me take the time,
to wish you happy birthday, dear.
And I hope that your memories,
are cherished from every year.


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