A Good Gift From a Good Father

When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan,
Heaven was opened above.
The Holy Spirit descended,
in power and in love.

Baptism changed the life he led,
and began his ministry.
That same power that lives in Christ,
now resides in you and me.

The Holy Spirit gives us strength,
wisdom and freedom of choice.
But we must listen,
to His still small Voice.

He guides and directs,
and fills us with power.
We are never alone,
He is with us, hour by hour.

It’s a gift from our heavenly Father,
a part of the blessed Trinity.
He gives us power and strength,
to defeat the enemy.

The Holy Spirit was the power,
that rained at Pentecost.
The mighty wind and tongues of fire,
gave the Apostles strength to preach to the lost.

Many receive the Good News,
as the Apostles preached in power.
Filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit,
they preached hour after hour.


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