Step Out and Be Bold

The years have been many,
and the task very great.
The accomplishments, a reward,
that God did create.

Your knowledge and talent,
have come only from Him.
He’s walked alongside you,
and caused you to win.

He has destined this day,
so long, long ago.
In the overall plan,
that only He does know.

Where it will take you,
is not at all clear.
But with Him in control,
you can walk without fear.

Put your hands in His,
step out and be bold.
Do all for God’s glory,
and you’ll attain your goal.

He’ll never leave or forsake you,
eternally in His care.
To God be the glory,
for always being there.

Much richness and blessing,
may He bestow upon you.
Wherever He leads,
and all that you do.


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