39 Is Fine: A Prequel to 40

This poem is dedicated to my daughter, Deanna, who celebrates her 39th birthday this week.

The year before big changes,
and the big 40 appears.
This is the last of easy,
now you start counting the years.

They say life becomes different,
and your body and mind disagree.
But this is just twenty years of practice,
’til your body turns sixty.

But we know age is just a number,
so enjoy the pleasures of this year.
As you continue to grow in God,
and ring out happy birthday cheer.

I’m so proud of all you’ve done,
at this stage of life.
A mother and nurse,
and a devoted wife.

I hope you enjoy your special day,
and may each day ring clear.
May you celebrate your birthday,
every day this coming year.


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