One Has Come

This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter, Ella.

The first year of life,
has its ups and downs.
Sometimes it is full of laughter,
and sometimes, it has frowns.

Time is different on your birthday,
now that you are finally one.
This day is very special,
to be filled entirely with fun.

We’ll have presents and goodies,
cookies, cake, & ice cream too.
But without your teeth,
you’re not able to chew!

This is your first,
and the next is #2.
There will be so much more,
you will be able to do.

Little girls are mommy’s pearls,
multi-colored and shining through.
We do our best to help them grow,
playing games, like peek-a-boo.

Girls are gems we need to polish,
to shine brightly from day to day.
Grandpa & Grandma also help,
to lead and guide along the way.

There’s something special about granddaughters,
that I really can’t explain.
They enter life set on course,
the whole world they have to gain.

But it’s the start of a journey,
and we pray that God sets the course.
Because no better hands can guide,
than the God of all resource.

God knows the path we will travel,
and when we will need a friend.
Because the God of all the universe,
knows the beginning and the end.

God so loved the little children,
not to hinder, but let them come.
They are so precious in His sight,
He knows whom each will become.


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