Life Can Be

We can’t always live,
each and every dream.
Life can’t always be,
simple and peachy keen.

Some of life’s situations,
can seem very mean.
And at the final outcome,
you just want to scream!

When the plans boil over,
you need to let off steam.
Then you recompose yourself,
and start off new and clean.

But I have a simple way,
you might be looking for.
All it takes to have it,
is open your heart’s door.

It’s really very simple,
it boils down to a choice.
Let your heart speak,
open your mouth and use your voice.

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
and accept His grace for all your sin.
Your life will never be the same,
your frown is now a grin.

I will not say that all is perfect,
but it will be better than it’s been.
With Jesus living in your life,
defeat will now be a win.

So turn your life to Jesus Christ,
accept His love and favor.
And with Him always by your side,
joy and peace you’ll always savor.


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