Should Cupid Quit?

After Cupid had a hard year,
he finally decided to pack his gear.
He sold his bows and arrows,
he would not work any more tomorrows.

He lived his life according to plan,
after all, he was his biggest fan.
He was always proud when it turned out right,
and people had futures ever so bright.

But with his symptoms of being old,
and February being a month so cold.
His retirement would be a welcome change,
and maybe a home in the open range.

And the choices are many for him to decide,
yet wherever he goes, he’ll not be able to hide.
He was a celebrity- of this no doubt,
and he was someone who had some clout.

“Maybe I’ll open a business or so,
it will help to give me somewhere to go.
I have experience in the field of dating,
and with that background, there will be no waiting!”

“I might work for my good friend Thor,
or maybe be romantic and open a jewelry store!
Or maybe just rest and take it slow,
but that may be boring- I just don’t know!”

“Decisions, decisions, I can’t make up my mind,
nothing seems right for whatever I find.
Maybe I’m hasty and I’m acting too quick,
all these choices- what should I pick?”

“Maybe I’ll go see the doctor today,
listen and see what he has to say.
Maybe there is medicine to put me on track,
and I might even get my old job back.”

“I brought joy and happiness to many hearts,
perfect aim with my love darts.
If I give up, what will they do,
it will be sad without an ‘I love you!'”

“The doctor was able to give me a lift,
ripped up the bill and said, ‘It’s my gift!’
Not many people work just one day a year,
and bring to people so much cheer.”


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