Cupid’s Misfire

Cupid is filling his quiver,
with arrows set to fly.
Valentine’s Day is soon approaching,
and his arrows will fill the sky.

Cupid, though, is getting older,
as the years continue to go by.
His aim is not as steady,
sometimes his arrow goes awry.

This year, he’ll be starting early,
for he has so much to do.
He’ll start the first of February,
shooting arrows of love at you.

February 2 is Groundhog Day,
and it should draw a big crowd.
He could get a lot accomplished,
it would make him very proud.

So, on Groundhog Day,
he made an early appearance.
His quiver was full when he was ready,
and there was a large attendance.

He began to fire his arrows of love,
and everything was going fine.
But, of course one arrow went astray,
and the groundhog was right in line.

He saw his shadow and fell in love,
after being struck by the arrow.
And everywhere he would go,
his love was sure to follow.

Then one day the sky was cloudy,
and his love was gone away.
He searched and searched, but to no avail,
he’d have to wait for a sunny day.

The groundhog lived in Pennsylvania,
his name was Punxsutawney Phil.
He was thinking about retirement,
approaching “over the hill.”

He was a very rich groundhog,
he had absolutely no debt.
He invested wisely in his union,
ask Thor, his union rep.

When the sun came out again,
and Phil’s love was finally back.
He couldn’t remember what day it was,
he had completely lost track.

It was now the 14th of February,
and he hadn’t gotten his lover a gift.
The nearest town was so far away,
to get there, he needed a lift.

He didn’t know what to get,
he hadn’t been in love before.
But he noticed when he entered in,
his love wasn’t with him any more.

You’ll never guess what happened next,
and who was in the store.
Explained everything that was going on,
who else would be such help, but Thor?

So after Phil heard the story,
of all that he’d been through.
He decided on a long retirement,
and boy, it was surely due.

He put in his papers for retirement,
and everyone had an idea for him.
He decided on a long, long, long, retirement,
and he changed his name to Jim.

And if it doesn’t seem to work out,
although it seems like a plan.
He’ll call his friend Bill Murray,
he was Phil’s biggest fan.

Happy Groundhog Day!


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