A Glimpse of Eternity

The Lord has been gracious,
for He has allowed me to see.
Something very wonderful,
a glimpse of eternity.

I haven’t seen with my own eyes,
but through the Spirit’s view.
And words for me, I do not know,
to describe the majesty do.

It’s more beautiful than you can imagine,
a treasure to behold.
Laid in all its splendor,
magnificent in gold.

It’s stirred a longing in my soul,
it tells me of my Lord and King.
Who reigns above Supreme,
and is in control of everything.

What He has prepared for us,
on the day that He comes back.
Who by the Blood are cleansed,
to make up for what we lack.

It’s stirred a longing in my soul,
to be sure to finish the race.
And remember daily in my prayers,
to thank Him for His grace.


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