Happy 50th, Ed & Vivian

Ed & Vivian, what can I say?
But thank you for allowing us to share this day.
And I pray that these words will touch your heart,
and that I’ve fulfilled His desire and done my part.

I’ve been asked to write words of pure delight,
words to express our feeling this night.
Words to express 50 years and to show,
why they sit there amid a peaceful glow.

In a world that’s full of turmoil & strife,
it’s a blessing to see two hearts full of life.
Lives that have learned to love and to share,
to live for Jesus and trust in His care.

Love based on Jesus residing in your hearts,
not based on feelings, a whim, or a lark.
It’s the love of Jesus that brought this 50th year,
the love of Jesus that deserves applause and cheer.

50 years of memories are very deep in your heart,
I’m thankful the Lord is still doing His part.
The treasures of this life are wondrous to behold,
they are more precious than rubies, finer than gold.

Only you can capture memories so true,
the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.
You can look around and you’ll see,
in everything each other, you and me.

Knowing you both for just a short time,
has been a blessing, purely divine.
A devoted husband, a loving wife,
a shining example of marriage and life.

May God Bless.

Originally written for Ed & Vivian Y****** 50th Anniversary in 1986.


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