Lord, I feel like an island in the sea,
the turmoil of decision encompassing me.
My heart so desires to speak as I feel,
but I need to know Lord, is my heart real?

Who is pressing this urging to my soul?
I need an answer before I come apart.
I want the Spirit to speak what I know,
if we’re in unity of an uplifting heart.

Should I stay quiet and rest on my past,
the statements I made in approaching this task?
Lord, again I desire to know,
again, should I pray and continue to fast?

Lord, it is hard to continue on,
when I’m fighting this battle deep inside.
I want to be sensitive with ears that hear,
and walk and talk with You at my side.

Am I rebellious, O Lord please say?
Search me, O Lord, and tell me today.
Speak to me Lord as daily I pray,
and show me, O Lord, the proper way.

Lord, again my soul cries out,
and the tears are barely hidden.
Lord, I plead as I drift in the sea,
Lord, if I’m wrong, may I be forgiven.

Holy Spirit, pour forth in Your special way,
the Fruits of the Spirit, which I need today.
To direct and to guide my walk, I pray,
as I need to glorify Lord Jesus everyday.

Written in 1986 for the Annual Business Financial Meeting in Shirley, NY.


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